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Amazon UK anime sale

Date: 2007 August 25 06:39

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I just got an e-mail from Amazon UK telling me that they are having a studio Ghibli DVD sale. After looking closer I've dug up a plethora of other anime DVDs on sale, because we're nice people we've listed a few titles you might have missed on sale.

Why Amazon leave all the hard work to us I don't know, aren't you glad we're here?

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Amazon are most heavily promoting the Optimum Ghibli collection so most titles are now retailing at around £5.97. This includes related Optimum releases such as Lupin, and Little Norse Price.
A huge number of other anime DVDs are being sold off with Advent Children coming in at £4.97, Afro Samurai £9.99, Naruto Unleashed sets at £8.95, the first two volumes of Negima for £8.97, Cowboy Bebop the movie at £4.98. Pus a variety of other series DVDs including DNAngel, Get Backers season 1, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, Last Exile, and Angelic Layer.

The UK DBZ movies are still lurking about, but since those are the edited "Big Green" dub I'd stay well away. I'm hoping they have so many left they have to bury them in a desert somewhere. There's also a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon too.

Some of these series are already out as box sets so if you want to buy the whole series we'd suggest you check the collected price first. If you already own a few then I recommend you consider taking Amazon up on the offer.

Source: Amazon UK
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