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Voltron Getting Closer to Theaters

Date: 2007 August 15 20:01

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Finally! Some news of progress for the Voltron movie!

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For a little over three years, we've been hearing about a live-action film based on the popular '80s animated series Voltron, about a group of human pilots who use five robotic lions, which then combine together into the mighty robot Voltron, to battle an evil alien empire. However, little else has been said about the project, other than it was in development.

But now there's finally some good news of actual progress. New reports state that New Regency (the folks behind the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie action hit Mr. & Mrs. Smith) is close to a deal with the Mark Gordon Co. to finally bring the long-anticipated film to the big screen. A screenplay, written by Justin Marks, has also been penned out, which has the film taking place on a post-apocalyptic Earth conquered by aliens, with the Voltron Force being a group of survivors who find the robot lions and form Voltron to take back their planet. A far cry from the original story, which takes place on a distant planet, but one that could work if done right.

Many are saying that the success of the live-action Transformers film has been the main push for progress on Voltron. With the Autobots and Decepticons brought to life via CGI in the most realistic way ever seen, fans can no doubt expect the same treatment for the Black, Red, Green, Blue and Yellows Lions, as well as Voltron, himself. Which would definitely be a far cry from what we saw in the first Power Rangers film.

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