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Toilet Money Mysteries

Date: 2007 July 18 08:42

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No, it's not a name of a new bizarre anime series, but a puzzling story that's being reported on BBC News. Someone has been leaving envelopes with 10,000 yen notes (that's about $82 USD, or £40), in men's toilets around Japan. Over the last couple of months around 4 million yen has been found. Most of the money has been found in government office buildings.

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More mysteriously each comes with a letter hoping that the money will be "useful for your pursuit of knowledge". The money was individually wrapped in traditional Japanese paper with "remuneration" handwritten in ink on the outside.

The puzzle has gripped Japan, with lots of people speculating who the benefactor is. Apparently all the letters were written by the same person, with shaky handwriting which hints that the writer is elderly or seriously ill. The handing writing has worsened over the months since the first set of bills were found, suggesting that his condition is deteriorating.

The letters end with the phrase "please be happy", which points to somebody who is unhappy themselves. It's likely that the benefactor is facing up to there death and wants to give something back to the world.

Source: BBC News
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