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Akira Club art book UK release details

Date: 2007 May 15 14:24

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UK publisher Titan Books have sent us details about the UK release of the Akira Club artbook. It's one of those nice additions for fans of the movie and manga collection. It's due to hit the shelves on the 27th July 2007 and is priced at £24.99. Hunting around have it on pre-order for £14.99.

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Details as follows:

Over the past 25 years, Akira has grown to become one of the most seminal and widely-renowned mangas worldwide. From its 1980s emergence in a Japanese magazine to the highly acclaimed movie adaptation, Akira has captured the imagination of thousands.

Now, available for the first time in English, comes the indispensable companion to this manga phenomenon: Akira Club [Titan Books, 27 July, £24.99]. Containing a huge range of rare material, from title page illustrations not included in the original manga reprints, alternate art, preliminary sketches and production drawings, to posters, adverts and products, this hardback tome, accompanied with commentary from Otomo himself, is the ultimate guide to the long-celebrated series.

Press release as follows:

The Ultimate Companion To The Ultimate Manga Series

" instant cult classic" – New York Times
"Brilliantly drawn and engagingly written." – Comics International
"Extraordinary...sheer brilliance" – Daily Telegraph

Katsuhiro Otomo's epic manga, Akira, is widely considered to be a pinnacle of the form - a work of astonishing power and visionary scope, with unsurpassed artistry.

First emerging in Japan in 1982, the series achieved worldwide renown and was adapted into a feature film in 1988 that elevated anime to a new status in the social consciousness of the Western world.

Now available for the first time in English, Akira Club [Titan Books, 27 July 2007, £24.99] is a deluxe tome to accompany the Akira phenomenon. Encompassing the series and the movie, it features more than 100 full-colour, full-size title-page illustrations not included in the original manga reprints, as well as rarely seen alternate art, preliminary sketches, production drawings and a variety of posters, advertisements and products. Accompanied by a detailed commentary from Otomo himself, Akira Club is the ultimate companion to his masterpiece!

Beautifully presented in a high-quality, coffee-table hardback edition, this is a book no sci-fi, manga, comics or Akira fan should miss!

KATSUHIRO OTOMO is one of the most respected and influential Japanese storytellers in the history of modern comics, and - apart from Akira - his work includes Domu (also available from Titan Books) and The Legend of Mother Sarah. He has also worked extensively in anime; from his own, hugely successful adaptation of Akira to 2004's ten-years-in-the-making Steamboy.

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Akira Club
Katsuhiro Otomo
27 July 2007
ISBN-10: 1-84576-612-1
ISBN-13: 9781845766122

Akira Club © 1995 MASH ROOM Co. Ltd.

Source: Titan Books
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