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ADV Cosplay Caps

Date: 2004 October 06 17:55

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We've just got news from ADV about some really cool headgear! Their toy deparment it seems have had some great fun producing "Cosplay Caps" based on the animal characters from their popular titles. These hats are a bit similar to the ones worn by the Digi-Charat gang. They've got Menchi and a Puchuu from Excel Saga, Saizo the pig from Peacemaker and Kaleido Star's baby seal Jonathan.

These hats are made exclusively for ADV Toys and aren't Japanese import items, they're made from a fleece type fabric. At the moment we haven't got a set release date for them, but we do know that they'll retail for $14.99

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We don't normally post images on Otaku News, but these are so cool I'd thought I'd make an exception!

ADV Cosplay Caps

Press Release as follows:


HOUSTON, October 6, 2004 – Those crazed geniuses at ADV Toys are at it again, today announcing the ultimate accessory for the anime fan on the go: Cosplay CapsTM! With four exciting new pieces of headgear based on three of ADV Film's hottest video properties, Cosplay CapsTM are the ideal way for the average anime fan to display his love for anime in situations where T-shirts may not be appropriate. Cosplay CapsTM look great with both 3-piece suits and maid uniforms, and in many states they're even acceptable hair restraints for those working in the food preparation industry! Cosplay CapsTM can be removed instantly when being introduced to older relatives or religious officials, and have an SPF factor of over 100! And for the fan who's already wearing a T-shirt proclaiming their love for a favorite anime series, it boldly doubles the amount of on-body advertising that one can wear while simultaneously making one irresistible to members of the opposite sex (who also love the same anime, results may not be guaranteed in all cases.) If you know an anime fan who's suffering from the heartbreak of premature hair loss, or just having a bad hair day, make it your civic and moral duty to inform him (or her) of the new miracle cure for the curse of an uncovered, anime-less head: Cosplay CapsTM

The first wave of Cosplay CapsTM,. the fashion sensation for anime fans who want to get ahead, will feature characters from the hit ADV series Excel Saga, Kaleido Star, and Peacemaker. From Excel Saga comes Menchi, the potentially edible dog with the hit single "Please don't eat me, let me go" With great watering eyes, prickly pink ears and a fluffy off-white fleece covering, this canine cap is comically cute, ideal for reinforcement when trying to garner sympathy or wheedle favors from unsuspecting pawns. Not cute enough? Then how about putting a Puchuu on your noggin? Unbelievably cute, these devious denizens of outer space came to Earth with dreams of global conquest, but we've turned the tables on them and now they're hats for your enjoyment! (and just in case the Puchuu mothership returns, they make an ideal disguise so that you can remain safe while your neighbors are herded off like cattle.)

Feeling selfish or know someone who makes a swine of themselves? Celebrate being piggy with a cap based on with Saizo, the angry pig from Peacemaker It's always been said that a pig's temper is something not to be ignored, and that can be proven when you throw a tantrum wearing this adorable pink fleece with the pissed-off frown, slanted eyes, and snouty snout!.

Finally, from the big top tent of Kaleido Star comes Jonathan, the only baby seal that it's politically correct to wear in public! With sleek gray fleece and adorable eyes, nose and whiskers, this charmer will make you a hit with both fans of the opposite sex and radical environmentalists! For beach wear or lounging about the pool, this is the cap for the suave fan who knows he's cool and doesn't mind looking it.

With an SRP of only $14.99 each, Cosplay CapsTM also make a perfect gift for that hard to buy for anime fan! That's why all four Cosplay CapsTM will hit the shelves of retailers near you this winter, (also available online at Whichever holiday celebrations you observe, put cheer in your fellow fans and a Cosplay Cap TM on your head to ring in the new year!

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ADV Toys is the new toy division of A.D. Vision, Inc., parent company of ADV Films, Newtype USA, ADV Manga, Anime Network and more. Founded in 2003, with outstanding licensing traction in the U.S. and overseas, ADV Toys is poised to become a major player in the toy licensing and distribution market. More information is available via Information about other A.D. Vision, Inc. divisions and initiatives can be found at:, and

Source: ADV Toys
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