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FUNimation rescues One Piece

Date: 2007 April 13 13:30

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Every so often a news story breaks that send smiles rippling around the fan community. FUNimation have now acquired the licence to One Piece, and plan to start a brand new dub and uncut DVDs.


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It's likely that the most popular decision 4kids has made in recent years has probably been abandoning their work on One Piece. This left the series in limbo, with little news on what would happen to the licence.
FUNimation have announced they will now be handling the US release, in a much more sympathetic style.
They will start work where 4kids left off with episode 144, with a brand new dub cast and plans to use the original BGM. FUNimation plan at some point to go back and work on earlier episodes including cut filler arks, their priority is to carry on so that Cartoon Network ( US no word on UK yet) can carry on airing the show. The TV version will still have to be edited but FUNimation are promising uncut DVDs.

We at Otakunews also hope the One Piece Wii game will get an English release!
Much credit to for spotting this.

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