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Laid-Back Camp The Movie Streaming Release Details

Date: 2022 November 16 20:09

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The good folks from streaming service Crunchyroll have sent us details of the up coming release of Laid-Back Camp: The Movie. The film will hit the streaming service from Thursday 24th November 2022. We really enjoyed the relaxing slice of life story in which high school girls go camping around various bits of Japan, if you like slower shows like K-On, this one is for you.

You can watch the official trailer, or catch up with the series before the movie streams.

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Press release as follows:

Laid-Back Camp The Movie

Soon after its US premiere at Anime NYC this autumn, Laid-Back Camp The Movie will make its streaming debut in most Crunchyroll territories worldwide including India, but excluding Asia as well as Central and South America. The film first released theatrically on June 19, 2022 grossing over one billion yen in Japan and is based on the manga of the same name, Laid-Back Camp, written and illustrated by Afro.


Laid-Back Camp The Movie (C-Station)

Shima Rin has left her hometown in Yamanashi to live on her own in Nagoya while working for a small publishing company there. On one winter's weekend in the not-too-distant future, as she's planning a bike tour, she unexpectedly receives a message from an old high school friend, Ohgaki Chiaki, saying she's currently in Nagoya. Chiaki now works for an organization promoting tourism in Yamanashi, and she's in charge of a project to reopen a facility that was closed a few years ago. When Rin casually suggests that such a large property would make a good campground, Chiaki is inspired. She gathers up all of their old camping buddies-Kagamihara Nadeshiko, who works at an outdoor goods store in Tokyo; Inuyama Aoi, who's now an elementary school teacher in their hometown of Yamanashi; and Saitou Ena, who works at a dog grooming salon in Yokohama-and the campground-opening project is set in motion. So the story of five outdoorsy girls who became friends thanks to their shared love of camping begins once more, taking on a new challenge with the knowledge and experience they've gained. (Official Trailer) - Directed by Yoshiaki Kyogoku

*** Schedule subject to change. Subbed and Dubbed languages may vary per title ***

Source: Crunchyroll
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