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We all want a Perfect Piece Tachikoma

Date: 2007 March 09 17:53

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex fans will be pleased to hear about the new toy from MegaHouse, it's a 1/20 scale Tachikoma model, with lots of articulation and even an opening pod that can fit the included Makoto figure inside! Known as the Perfect Piece Tachikoma the set is about 13cm tall, comes with a book, a wrench and other fun accessories. As expected the main eye can move around even it's oil intake tray opens for you to put in a can of oil to keep everyone's favourite jumping spider like robot well fed. Complete with both gatling gun and grenade launcher front gun, it's a real must have for the hardcore fan.

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Update: Perfect Piece Tachikoma Review.

We expect them to sell out quick from all the usual import retailers, the retail price is around 9,800 Japanese yen (putting at around $82 USD). We've seem some retailers selling it on-line for well over $120, and even at that price it's tempting. After a lot of hunting around seem to have a good deal with the set going for $80 direct from Japan, while their UK branch sells it for £70 (due to the tax man taking a nice chunk out with VAT, plus shipping robots from Japan is never cheap).

MegaHouse Perfect Piece Tachikoma 1/20 scale

Our advice is to hunt around for a bargain from anime import retailers. That or wait for the 1/1 scale fully working model to come out complete with thermal optic camouflage and real AI. The only trouble is it would probably have a tendency to do it's own thing, going wandering off and get into all sorts of wacky adventures! ^_-

Yes, normally we don't plug merchandise so blatantly on Otaku News, but myself and Spike really want one of these toys! So if you know either of us, buy us one! Or perhaps two, you can never get enough Tachikoma stuff!

Source: MegaHouse
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