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Alcon UK anime convention for September 2007

Date: 2007 February 10 15:00

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We've been sent some details about a new UK anime convention Alcon at De Montfort University, Leicester City Campus. Scheduled for 14th-16th September 2007, it looks promising for a first time convention. Current sign up rates are valid until March 31st, so book now to get a lower sign up fee. We wish the Alcon crew the best of luck for their first anime convention!

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Details as follows:

A new anime convention is being held 14-16 September 2007 at De Montfort University, Leicester City Campus. It'll be our first convention and more community centered. Our goals are to bring anime fans closer together as a community as well as enjoying a fun time at a new anime convention in the UK.

What should you expect at Alcon? Well over at our bar which has 2 floors we shall be having DS Wifi access for people to sit down with a drink and connect with other people online. We shall also be having a party downstairs and more to be confirmed. As for the main building of the convention gaming, dealers and artist ally will be part of the convention along with a fanart wall for those wishing to show off their fanart of Alcon's mascots (Al-chan and Al-kun - the twin mascots). We also have an anime screening room setup so no need to worry about not getting enough anime viewing in as you can walk in and watch your favourite animes. Many events will happen along with cosplay masquerade. More details can be found on the website, which is constantly updated.

A huge difference between Alcon and other conventions in the UK is we are actually based around a worldwide website called AnimeLeague. AnimeLeague has been running for nearly 5 years now. The founder and the head moderator of convention, meetups & cosplay section of the site decided to start up a convention and thus Alcon was born!

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