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PS3 Disasters Already

Date: 2006 November 18 09:44

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A dislocated jaw and gunshot customers already reported at releases for the new PS3.

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It never fails. Anytime an anticipated product comes out, you can always expect something bad to happen. Like people getting hurt so they can get to the product. It's happened with Cabbage Patch Kids, Pokemon, and many others. Naturally, it's happened with the release of the Playstation 3.

Two such incidents have already happened. First, a 19-year-old boy was injured while he was waiting in line for midnight PS3 sale at a Milwaukee Wal-Mart. During the melee, the young man was pushed into a flagpole, causing him to fall and get trampled, resulting in a dislocated jaw.

Something worse happened at a Connecticut Wal-Mart. Two masked gunmen confronted a line of gamers who were waiting through the night for the new system and demanded cash. One 21-year-old line-waiter resisted and was shot twice in the chest and shoulder. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. No word as to whether or not the gunmen have been apprehended.

It can get pretty sad when these sort of things happen. We all love our video games and the other things that make our lives worthwhile, but sometimes, it just isn't worth it.

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