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FUNimation to release remastered Dragon Ball Z

Date: 2006 November 14 09:10

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In a long overdue announcement it finally seems FUNimation are giving Dragon Ball Z fans what they want.
After halting their re-release of the first season uncuts, and then postponing the new Saiyan saga box set, details have finally been released.
FUNimation have remastered the series themselves rather than using the Japanese " Dragon-box" footage and controversially they are wide screen , but at $49.98 a season it's much cheaper than importing the Japanese DVDs and there are some interesting extras . The first box comes out in February.

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What's especially interesting is that FUNimation are allowing dub fans to choose between watching the series with it's original musical score or the American one, which brings the release in line with FUNimation's newer releases which tend to use the original music whilst providing an option for fans who like the existing dub style. Fans of the Japanese track need not worry either that's present too. Since a lot of effort has gone into this release it will be interesting to see if FUNimation have any other extras lined up.

Source: Anime News Network
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