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Panty Explosion the game

Date: 2006 November 10 13:54

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Every so often we get stories which I'm sure will generate some interesting key word stats next time Joe checks them, this is one. Panty Explosion is a good ol' fashioned RPG available in book and PDF form here's what the website says:

"Panty Explosion is a psychic schoolgirl adventure game. Each player takes the role of a normal Japanese student. One of you, perhaps more then one of you, is a psychic with devastating and terrifying powers."

I'm currently wondering if a rat flail +5 could beat a a psychic schoolgirl...

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What they told us:

We've recently released our new psychic schoolgirl adventure role playing game Panty Explosion.
Yes, Panty Explosion. Panty Explosion is a immersive action adventure game inspired by the psychic school girl genere of anime, manga and film and designed for players 13 years and older. I think that the smart and attractive readers of Otakunews want and need to know more about Panty Explosion.

Source: Atarashi Games
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