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Galaxy Angel: Volume 1: What's Cooking?

Galaxy Angel: Volume 1: What's Cooking?
Review Date:
Reviewed By: Spike

Released By: Bandai Entertainment

Age Rating: 13+

Region: 1 - North America
Volume: 1 of 4
Length: 105 minutes
Subtitles: English
Audio: English Dolby Digital Stereo
Japanese Dolby Digital Stereo
Welcome to the world of the Galaxy Angel Brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military. The primary mission of this elite force is to locate and recover something known as the 'Lost Technology', unfortunately nobody actually know what the Lost Technology actually is. This means that the group is stuck doing menial tasks instead like looking for lost cats, defusing a talking missile, and delivering an old student identity card. With this bunch of misfits on duty, is the galaxy really safe?
Graphically, Galaxy Angel is quite unremarkable, with normal animation and a few elements of computer graphics thrown in, but in no way tightly integrated with each other, seeming to be tacked on. The music is upbeat, reflecting the whole tone of the series, though it does seem a tad cheesy, as if it was composed by someone using a cheap synthesizer. Each episode is roughly a quarter of an hour in length covering an individual story.

Galaxy Angel: Volume 1: What's Cooking?

As far as the characters go, to start off with we have the Captain, Forte, the stiff-upper-lip type that leads the group with a stern but playful style. Next we have Rampha, the pilot of the group, who is a hot-headed man eater, and desperate to get herself married off to a cute, rich young husband. Milfeulle is the new recruit, whose major attribute is her incredible good luck, and seems to drift through life completely oblivious to the danger around her. The remaining two characters are the quietest and apparently the youngest, Vanilla is virtually expressionless and seems to have the ability to heal others, and Mint seems sweet and innocent, but in reality is one of the more calculating of the group.

Galaxy Angel: Volume 1: What's Cooking?

Galaxy Angel: Volume 1: What's Cooking?

I really don't understand who the target audience of this Anime is, to be frank, it seems too cutesy to really appeal to male viewers, and has far too much in the way of fan service to really appeal to the majority of female viewers. While each episode is relatively entertaining in its own way, there is nothing in way of substance here, leaving it little more than good for killing a few minutes with humour. All in all, I can't really recommend this series to anyone, unless they enjoy the sort of humorous fluff that this disk provides.

Rating: 3/10
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