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Yu Yu Hakusho vol 2: Artifacts of Darkness

Yu Yu Hakusho vol 2: Artifacts of Darkness
Review Date:
Reviewed By: Azure

Released By: MVM Films

Age Rating: PG

Region: 2 - UK
Volume: 2 of 28
Length: 82 minutes
Subtitles: English
Audio: English Dolby Digital Stereo
Japanese 2.0 Stereo
Yusuke suddenly dies saving a little boyís life, this act of kindness is unexpected and Yusuke is promised he can return to life if he can prove his worth. When Yusuke has finally earned his chance for life he discovers things arenít at all simple. To complete the process of his revival someone must kiss his body in order to transfer enough spiritual energy to bring him back. Unfortunately for Yusuke none of the women in his life seem to be listening his only hope might be tough guy Kuwabara!
This volume of Yu Yu Hakusho is really a transition, bridging the gap between Yusukeís death and a wider story arc. The first episode on the disk also focuses strongly on Kuwabara as we learn he might not be as tough as we initially suspected.

Itís pretty evident where things are going when Yusuke, is told heís now a spirit detective and given special powers by Koenma, which includes the Ďspirit guní a burst of Chi he can fire out of his hands when he makes a gun like gesture. Sadly for Yusuke he can only use this attack once a day, which means he must make strategic use of it. Especially when Koenma asks him to retrieve three stolen treasures from a group of demons. Yusuke having not trained is weak so has to use brains to outwit his enemies, this works to some extent though I can already sense that a reliance on the spirit gun might ruin the fun, Iím also waiting the day when Yusuke manages two.

Two new characters get introduced, Kurama and Hiei , and since they are featured openly in the intro it would be silly to pretend that these two wonít form a major part of the series in the future so it spoils the effect somewhat when one of them quickly becomes an ally. Enemies becoming friends may be a traditional plot point but it would have been nice to have a little mystery.

Immediately after the DVD ended I wanted to see more, which has to be a good sign. Yu Yu Hukusho is extremely generic but that could be argued for many anime in this genre, which makes it so much fun to watch is the likeable cast and the sense of humour with which itís put together. As with the last DVD the dub remains pretty solid, as are the subtitles. Though itís a little sad extras remain so light. Itís a solid release of a consistent standard, and a hugely enjoyable viewing experience.

Rating: 8/10
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