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GoManga.com Goes Live

Date: Tuesday October 26th 2004 [18:18] | Posted By: Joe

Recently we ran a press release about Seven Seas producing original manga. Now their site Gomanga.com is live. So far they've got details of four titles on their site - Amazing Agent Luna, Blade for Barter, Last Hope and No Man's Land.
Full Story
Press release as follows:


Los Angeles, October 25, 2004) - Seven Seas Entertainment announced today the launch of their web site, www.gomanga.com. The site will initially promote Seven Seas' four flagship titles: Amazing Agent Luna, Blade for Barter, Last Hope and No Man's Land, as well as providing an online community for fans to meet the creators and discuss manga from around the world.

"Most manga have the benefit of exposure in Japan before they are released here in the U.S.," commented Seven Seas president, Jason DeAngelis. "We wanted to give readers a similar chance to see our books and get excited about them before they hit the shelves." To this end, each of the four launch titles will be made available for free to anyone who visits gomanga.com, with several pages appearing each week up to and beyond the February 2005 launch date.

Gomanga.com will be updated every weekday with a wide variety of material, including:
  • Never-before-seen pages from each manga every week
  • Articles about the industry and the process of creating World Manga
  • Character sketches, cover treatments, and original artwork from the Seven Seas manga artists
  • Forums devoted to manga and anime from all over the world
  • Exclusive downloads and interactive contests

Gomanga.com is supervised by Jake Forbes, veteran manga editor and fan, who is contracting with Seven Seas to create and manage content for regular site updates. "The internet has long been the unsung hero of manga's explosive growth around the world, with online communities turning series like Fruits Basket and Rurouni Kenshin into 'hits' years before their English-language debuts," said Forbes. "Gomanga.com will offer readers the same opportunity to discover and discuss exciting new manga, only here they'll have the unique opportunity to interact with creators as well."

All four Seven Seas manga are set to release in February 2005.

About Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC:
Seven Seas Entertainment is the first publisher in the United States to be devoted solely to the creation of original manga. Established in 2004, the company is set to debut its first four titles - Amazing Agent Luna, Blade for Barter, Last Hope and No Man's Land - in February 2005. Seven Seas is owned by Jason DeAngelis and Dallas Middaugh. The company seeks to promote the concept of "world manga" by collaborating with talented international writers and artists to develop stories for a worldwide audience. Seven Seas launched its web site, www.gomanga.com, in October 2004.

Source: GoManga.com

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