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1952-2012 : Stories of Modern Manga Kickstarter Campaign

Date: Monday April 14th 2014 [15:34] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Manga

The good people from Project 6060 have sent us news of their Kickstarter Campaign for Stories of Modern Manga (1952-2012). The title of the book is self explanatory, with each double page spread tackling a year in the history of manga.

They aim to make the book as accessible as possible, it sounds like a great coffee table book, something you can just pick up and dip into.

The campaign aims to to raise $18K (USD) to publish the book. At the time of writing they've currently raised $3,693. However it's still early days and we know it's the last few hours that really count for a Kickstarter campaign.

Read More... | Source: 1952-2012 : Stories of Modern Manga Kickstarter Campaign

Pirate Anime FAQ Updated

Date: Sunday April 6th 2014 [10:27] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Websites

The Pirate Anime FAQ is regarded as essential reading. We've just done a minor update adding a section about Anime Conventions and similar events to it. Geeky events like this are a great place to buy stuff from, but we urge caution as some will have excellent policies in place to stop dealers from selling pirate goods. Other events we are aware of however will not have any policy or if they do not enforce it. Often their concern is if they've sold enough tables to make a good profit. This does not just apply to small events. Bigger events also have this problem too.

Source: Pirate Anime FAQ

First MCM Ireland Comic Con Details - April 2014

Date: Thursday April 3rd 2014 [15:30] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

Irish Anime fans in Dublin are in for a treat on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April 2014 as that's when the first ever MCM Ireland Comic Con is set to run at Dublin's RDS.

The event regularly attracts huge crowds around the UK and this April it's Dublin debut marks it's first time in Ireland. Anime fans will be well catered for with two top voice actors - Maile Flanagan, the voice of Naruto, and Bryce Papenbrook, who plays Eren Yeager in Attack On Titan. Plus lots of cosplay goodness including a masquerade.

Read More... | Source: MCM Ireland Comic Con

Ranma 1/2 US High definition release details

Date: Tuesday March 18th 2014 [16:10] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

Anime fans after a true classic will be very pleased to hear about the new high definition release of Ranma 1/2 on blu-ray and DVD. The good folks from Viz Media have sent us details about the up coming release. The title is due to hit the shelves on March 25th 2014.

Volume 1 will feature everyone's favourite cursed gender bending boy, in original Japanese broadcast order.

You can see footage of the original release vs. this current High Def release and Blu-ray set Debut.

Pre-order Blu-ray from Amazon.com
Pre-order DVD from Amazon.com

Read More... | Source: Viz Media

A look at the local Australian anime section

Date: Wednesday March 12th 2014 [17:04] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

We've highlighted before to our UK readers how they're connected to the Australian anime market. So today we'd thought we should share you with you an example of how established the market is down under.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

The Wind Rises Review

Date: Wednesday March 5th 2014 [3:03] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

While Hayao Miyazaki's latest offering The Wind Rises awaits it's special UK preview on Wednesday 23rd April 2014, it is currently being shown in the US and Australia. We were lucky enough to catch a screening in English recently.

Here's our review of the film.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Mai Mai Miracle UK and US Release Kickstarter Update

Date: Saturday February 8th 2014 [15:24] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

The big news in anime circles this week has been from Anime Limited and their Kickstarter campaign to bring Mai Mai Miracle to home video.

Within the first 18 hours the Kickstarter hit it's $30K (USD) funding goal. So now they're going for a stretch goal. If they hit the goal of $60K, they'll be able to fund a dub. At the time of writing (with 26 days left on the Kickstarter), they have reached just over $54K. You can keep up to date with news about the Kickstarter here or check out Anime Limited's own website.

Source: Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter

Plastic Blue a LGBT Yuri tale continues the return of GEN Manga monthly

Date: Tuesday February 4th 2014 [16:39] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Manga

Indie Manga publishers GEN Manga have sent us details of their newest releases. Plus an all new season of their manga collection has just launched. All their titles are available to download from their website and are DRM free.

Read More... | Source: GEN Manga

Otaku News Podcast Omake 1

Date: Monday January 20th 2014 [15:33] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Podcast

Spike and Colin try a different kind of podcast in the first Omake Podcast. We didn't want to record a proper show without Rebecca (who is relocating for work) so we decided to just talk for a while about a few different topics. Colin bores the pants off Spike talking about the newly announced Persona games, we look at the first episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo* and then theres a long discussion about mech shows. As this is the first time we've done this, we would like some feedback. Maybe you preffered this to the normal structured podcast. Let us know at podcast@otakunews.com or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Otakunewscast

MP3 File:
43.3 MB
47 minutes 01 second

[Direct Download] [Torrent]

Contact the Podcast crew at:
or reach us via Twitter at @OtakuNewsCast
Disagree with us? Suggestions? Ideas? Contact us!

Note general site enquiries should go as usual to Joe at webmaster@otakunews.com

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

GEN Manga returns with Let's Eat Ramen 3

Date: Monday January 6th 2014 [16:15] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Manga

The good folks from GEN Manga have sent us details of their latest release. They're back with volume 3 of Let's Eat Ramen. Their GEN Manga monthly indie manga has also returned.

We caught up with GEN Manga a few years ago to hear their thoughts on seinen and indie manga.

Read More... | Source: GEN Manga

Looking back over 2013 with Otaku News

Date: Tuesday December 31st 2013 [11:39] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Current Affairs

We don't normally do retrospective articles like this, but we thought it would be interesting to look back over the year that was 2013. February 2014 will mark 10 years of Otaku News. The last 12 months we've managed to cover a lot of interesting things and it'll be fun to go over all the events we were able to bring you in 2013.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Christmas 2013 at Fosse Farm the Home of Alice from Kinmoza

Date: Thursday December 19th 2013 [15:52] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Press Releases

Without doubt one of our most popular articles this year was our on location coverage of Fosse Farm - Alice Cartalet's house from Kinmoza. Key scenes in the anime set in England used Fosse Farmhouse as Alice's house.

Caron Cooper who owns and runs the B&B has just got in touch with us to let us know about a special Christmas offer for Otaku news readers -

Double or twin bedrooms in The Stables Cottage (Alice and Shino's Hanafuda house) £99.00 per room per night B&B.

Available from 20/12/2013 - 26/12/2013 inclusive.

Plus a few spaces remaining for our delicious 4 course Christmas Day lunch at £48.00 per person.

Please email caron@fossefarmhouse.com for further details/booking.

Of course if you can't make it to Fosse Farm over Christmas, they do take bookings around the year too!

Source: Fosse Farm

New trailer for upcoming Kiki's Delivery Service live action movie

Date: Friday December 13th 2013 [11:42] | Posted By: Voxie
Category: > Anime

I've just heard off the social grapevine that a new trailer is out for the live action version of Kiki's Delivery Service.

Youtube reactions have been so-so. I think the colour palette looks nice, and Kiki's actress looks lively, but it doesn't seem to the original Ghibli soundtrack.

It opens in Japan 1st March 2014.

Watch it here

Source: YouTube

Otaku News Podcast Episode 12

Date: Tuesday November 5th 2013 [16:48] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Podcast

The Podcast crew is back for a bumper episode covering recent news, licenses and cake. Being reviewed we have Gatchaman Crowds, Beyond The Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata) and the so far rather awesome Kill la Kill. Rebecca has just returned from a trip to Japan, so we get to hear her take on Toyko. The podcast wraps up with a new feature called Stream Run where Colin tries to talk about all the new shows he's been watching on Crunchyroll as fast as he can.

MP3 File:
77.9 MB
1 Hour 25 minutes 02 seconds

[Direct Download] [Torrent]

Contact the Podcast crew at:
or reach us via Twitter at @OtakuNewsCast
Disagree with us? Suggestions? Ideas? Contact us!

Note general site enquiries should go as usual to Joe at webmaster@otakunews.com

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

An interview with WIT Studio the company behind the Attack on Titan Anime

Date: Saturday November 2nd 2013 [14:25] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

One of the biggest anime titles of the year has been without doubt Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). The title is due for a UK DVD release soon by Manga Entertainment UK. To prepare everyone for the advancing giants WIT Studio the producers of Attack on Titan were guests at the October 2013 MCM London Comic Con.

We caught up with 3 of the main staff behind the company at the MCM London Comic Con - producer George Wada, Katsuhiko Kitada (character designer on Hal, animation director for Attack On Titan) and Ryotaro Makihara director of feature length anime HAL.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Otaku News Podcast Episode 11

Date: Thursday October 31st 2013 [17:29] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Podcast

It's live podcast time! Here is most of our live episode from Ayacon 2013. Sadly technical problems cut off the beginning of the show but to make up for it we made a video version including the slides that the audience saw during the show. We cover our usual topics such as news and licenses. The feature is spread throughout the show and are our Top 3 "What the!?" shows. We review that swimming Free as well as C3-Bu and take some questions from the audience (who were rather awesome).

I don't believe its stated in the show itself but Spike and myself are playing a drinking game. Any time someone mentions Persona or Bakemonogatari we have to drink. That explains some of the random pauses and laughter.

If you like the video format and want more of it, let us know at podcast@otakunews.com or tweet us @otakunewscast. Also, look out for episode 12 which is coming soon and features highlights of Rebecca's recent trip to Japan!

Source: Otaku News Podcast Episode 11

Animeigo launch Kickstarter project for Bubblegum Crisis blu ray set

Date: Saturday October 26th 2013 [21:05] | Posted By: Eeeper
Category: > Anime

Veteran U.S. anime label announces crowd funded blu ray edition of classic anime cyber punk OVA series.

Read More... | Source: Animeigo (via Kickstarter)

Crunchyroll and Kodansha Comics announce digital manga store

Date: Saturday October 26th 2013 [20:48] | Posted By: Eeeper
Category: > Manga

Crunchyroll and Kodansha Comics plan digital manga platform with simulcast publishing of chapters in same day release with Japanese versions.

Read More... | Source: Crunchyroll

Kickstarter project EGOIST: Bright clothes for bright people featuring artist Lisa Alisa

Date: Friday October 18th 2013 [12:25] | Posted By: Priss
Category: > Art

Independent artist Lisa Alisa is collaborating with innovative clothing brand EGOIST for a Kickstarter project featuring her incredible designs on exceptional apparel.

Read More... | Source: Kickstarter

Introduction to Weekly Shonen Jump (Int'l Edition)

Date: Thursday October 10th 2013 [21:30] | Posted By: Eeeper
Category: > Manga

Phillip looks at the Android version of VIZ' popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. But it isn't all plain sailing.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Wolf Girl - The Princess Mononoke fan film

Date: Saturday September 14th 2013 [11:05] | Posted By: Franki Webb
Category: > Fandom

Any filmmaker will tell you that producing a movie is- hard work. The time, effort and sometimes budget issues can get in the way of making a vision a reality. That challenge is only intensified when it's a fan-based film, reaping no financial rewards at the end and with only the love of the story to keep them going. But that's exactly what filmmakers, Nate Drake and Georgie Donovan are doing, currently in the works is Wolf Girl, a movie about a modern teenage girl struggling to save the forest she calls home from humans, who are cutting down the trees for their own needs. She then joins forces with wolves in a bid to defend her home.

Read More... | Source: Wolf Girl Movie

London Shopping Guide Updated

Date: Monday September 2nd 2013 [16:01] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Websites

We've just updated our London Anime and Manga Shopping Guide. Japanese department store Mitsukoshi has now closed, so it's been removed from our listing. We've heard rumours that they might open elsewhere in one form or another. All is not lost though as the bookshop in Mitsukoshi's basement JP Books now has it's own dedicated shop on Denman Street, just North of Piccadilly Circus.

We've also had to remove the much loved retro gaming shop Gaming Focus, along with the Muji on Oxford Street. There are still other Muji shops around London.

Also, we like to remind people when shopping for anime goods anywhere to watch out for pirate goods. We suggest you stay informed and read The Pirate Anime FAQ. There are still plenty of places out there that do stock pirate goods.

Source: Otaku News - London Anime and Manga Shopping Guide

Hyper Japan on NHK World's Imagine-nation

Date: Monday August 26th 2013 [8:38] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

The good folks from NHK World have sent us details of the next episode of Imagine-nation. The special episode focuses on Hyper Japan 2013 in London.

It includes NHK World's Cosplay Portrait Studio, plus the European Cosplay Gathering at the main stage and Vocaloid boom in the UK.

We've covered Hyper Japan 2013 previously.

It's due to air from Tuesday 27th August to Wednesday 28th August 2013, depending on your timezone.
UK based viewers can catch the show on the following times -
Tuesday 27th August - 16:30 and 20:30
Wednesday 28th August - 0:30/4:30/8:30/12:30

You can check the schedule here.

UK viewers can watch NHK World on :
Sky Channel 507
Freesat - Channel 209
Virgin Media Channel 625

Source: NHK World

Cosplayers Unite - A Kickstarter Project

Date: Sunday August 25th 2013 [7:01] | Posted By: Priss
Category: > Fandom

Cosplay photography circle SCG have launched a gutsy project Cosplayers Unite on crowd funding web platform Kickstarter. The project seeks to immortalise some of the world’s finest female cosplayers in a series of portraits to provide a unique "multi-media cosplay experience" for backers.

Read More... | Source: Cosplayers Unite Kickstarter Page

Otaku Calendar Adds iCal Support

Date: Saturday August 10th 2013 [12:33] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Websites

We've just added support for iCal Feeds to the Otaku Calendar. What does this mean? It means that you can now set up your calendar software, including Google Calendar and the calendar on your phone (including iPhone and Android) to get updates from the Otaku Calendar. It even works with MS Outlook. This way you can keep to to date with what's going on without visiting the site.

Source: Otaku Calendar

Maid Cafe NY - Grand Opening - August 18th 2013

Date: Thursday August 8th 2013 [16:38] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

We've covered maid cafes before in both New York and London, but until now they've all been pop-up cafes set to run for a single day or weekend at time. We've been sent some interesting details about New York's first dedicated Maid Cafe, called Maid Cafe NY. It opens on Sunday August 18th 2013 at 150 Centre Street, Downtown, NY. The grand opening is set to run from 11am to 3:30pm.

Read More... | Source: Maid Cafe NY

PBS Idea Channel - Does it Matter What Evangelion's Creator Says?

Date: Tuesday August 6th 2013 [15:17] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

The good folks from the PBS Idea Channel have brought to our attention a rapid fire video, asking the question Does it Matter What Evangelion's Creator Says?

Read More... | Source: PBS Idea Channel

The latest craze in Japan - eyeball licking?

Date: Friday August 2nd 2013 [14:46] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

We know readers of Otaku News are up to date with all the latest crazes in Japan, but have you heard about eyeball licking? If you read some news websites they state that it's the latest craze in Japan. They all give the impression that it's sweeping the country. They also interview various doctors who confirm that eyeball licking isn't a healthy thing to do. What they don't do is actually double check with anyone in Japan about this strange craze, because if they did, they'd find out that it isn't really happening. It's another one of those weird Japan stories that people just assume is true.

The Number 1 Shimbun has an excellent article by Mark Schreiber who analyses the origin of the story and how lack of any fact checking caused the article to be picked up by more prestigious news outlets.

Thanks to Matt Alt for making us aware of this story.

Source: Number 1 Shimbun

Otaku News Podcast Episode 10

Date: Monday July 29th 2013 [15:36] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Podcast

The Otaku News Podcast team braved the heat trap that is Colin's flat to bring you the latest installment of podcast goodness. We discuss some of the news to come out of Anime Expo, review The Eccentric Family and Yuyushiki and discuss the 3DS and the Final Fantasy 14 Beta. As Rebecca is off to Japan soon, Spike and Colin tell tale's of their previous trips to the land of the rising sun.

Download Otaku News Podcast Episode 10

MP3 File:
27.9 MB
1 Hour 0 minutes 59 seconds

[Direct Download] [Torrent]

Contact the Podcast crew at:
or reach us via Twitter at @OtakuNewsCast
Disagree with us? Suggestions? Ideas? Contact us!

Note general site enquiries should go as usual to Joe at webmaster@otakunews.com

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

An interview With Anime Director Shinichiro Watanabe

Date: Saturday July 27th 2013 [16:38] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Features

It's not every day you meet an anime director, yet alone one from one of the most highly regarded anime series of all time. Thanks to good folks at Anime Limited we were able to catch up with Shinichiro Watanabe, who is best known as the director of Cowboy Bebop. He has also directed the hip-hop samurai mash-up Samurai Champloo and more recently the jazz anime Kids on the Slope.

We caught up with Shinichiro Watanabe at the May 2013 London MCM Comic Con. He was in town to promote the new release of Cowboy Bebop on Blu-ray along with the DVD and Blu-ray release of Kids on the Slope.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Evangelion Store Tokyo 01 - Harajuku

Date: Wednesday July 17th 2013 [16:17] | Posted By: Priss
Category: > Features

In the April of 2013, I made my first visit to Japan. On my many travels, the second excursion to Harajuku was not for the stores featuring Japan's most iconic and eccentric fashion trends. It was not even to torture myself with the price tags in Lolita fashion wonderland. I passed the stores and sparklingly sweet crepe stands by. I was on a reconnaissance mission to visit The Evangelion Store - Tokyo One.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

New Cyborg 009 Graphic Novel Coming from Archaia

Date: Friday July 12th 2013 [16:45] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Manga

The good people from Archaia Entertainment have sent us details of their new upcoming release an original hardcover graphic novel based on the manga classic Cyborg 009.

Produced directly in conjunction with Ishimori Production Inc. in Japan, this is version has clearly been produced with a more US Comic book feel that the original. The art has clearly been influenced by anime and manga, but it has a very western feel still.

Advance copies will debut at San Diego Comic-Con on July 19th, also known in Japan as Cyborg 009 Day, commemorating the date Ishinomori's original manga was published in Japan in 1964. For those not able to be at Comic-Con, the book goes on sale Sept. 11 2013.

Read More... | Source: Archaia Entertainment

Win a night at Alice Cartalet's house from Kinmoza

Date: Sunday July 7th 2013 [10:16] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

To celebrate the launch of Kinmoza we've teamed up with Fosse Farm who were a key location in the show. You can win a chance to spend a night in Alice's Bedroom in the show!

Read More... | Source: Fosse Farm

On location at Fosse Farm - Alice Cartalet's house from Kinmoza

Date: Sunday July 7th 2013 [8:19] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Features

For most otaku it would be a dream come true to be contacted by an anime studio wanting to use their home as a location in a new anime series. For Caron Cooper, it is just the latest unlikely chapter in her incredible life story.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

NHK World at the Japan Expo 2013 Paris

Date: Tuesday July 2nd 2013 [17:13] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

The good folks from NHK World have sent us details of their latest European adventures.

They'll be at the Japan Expo 2013 in Paris from 4th to 7th July 2013. NHK world will have a host of events at the Expo, highlights include a Shironuri Makeup Session with leading shironuri artist Minori.

We've been told that they'll also be at Hyper Japan 2013 in London on Friday 26th to Sunday 28th July 2013.

For the latest event schedule, please visit their Japan Expo 2013 Website.

UK based readers will be pleased to hear that you can now watch NHK World on Virgin Media Channel 625, along with FreeSat Channel 209 or on Sky Channel 507.

Read More... | Source: NHK World

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