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Ghost Hunt - Volume 6

Ghost Hunt - Volume 6
Review Date:

Reviewed By: Azure

Released By: Tanoshimi

Publishing Country: UK

Author: Shiho Inada, Fuyumi Ono

Age Rating: 13+

Volume: 6 of 9

Page Count: 208

ISBN-13: 0978009950628

ISBN-10: 0099506289

SPR is one of several groups called in to investigate strange occurrences in a large Western style mansion that happens to belong to the Prime Minister. The house has stood vacant for some time, but the disappearance of a member of a group of kids who broke in, has forced the Prime Minister to turn to unusual means to resolve the matter.
Voume 6 of Ghost Hunt marks the series move to direct publication to book format rather than being first serialised in a magazine in Japan. It also seems to spark a change in the manga as a while, refocusing it directly onto the case. This time events centre around a strange old house, which has numerous disappearances and ghostly sights connected with it. Several physic groups have been called in to investigate, which adds an element of competitiveness to proceedings.

The group start out by analysing the house and taking measurements. The house itself is extremely odd and has stairs that lead nowhere, windows that open on the inside and doors in the ceiling. The story is inspired by the real life Winchester Mystery house, which was built by an eccentric widow who believe she would be safe from evil spirits as long as she never finished building her property. Subtle feelings of unease give way to full blown supernatural events, and since protagonist Mai has physic abilities she seems to bear the brunt of things.

The real improvement this volume is with characterisation. The introduction of Naruís teacher Madoka stirs up the cast dynamics. For once Naru has to do things he doesnít like and has to watch what he says. This changes the cast dynamic as the other SPR members react to Naru getting put in his place. Make no mistake though at the end of the day Naru is still in charge.

This volume of Ghost Hunt also seemed much creepier. The cliff hanger ending is the ultimate example of this, thereís plenty of blood but rather than becoming catoonish it really sets the tone , in fact by the end of the book the horror imagery is actually pretty unsettling,

Ghost Hunt is a vast improvement on the last, and this time succeeds in being genuinely creepy. Thereís also some overdue character development. That said it hasnít improved quite enough to warrant an 8.

Rating: 7/10
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