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Browsing Category: > Production > Studio Ghibli

When Marnie Was There London Screening Details

Date: Tuesday 1st September 2015 [15:28] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

UK Ghibli fans will want to head to London in October to catch screenings of When Marnie Was There at the BFI London Film Festival.

The Film will be screened at the Haymarket Cineworld at 14:30 on Saturday 10th October 2015 and 18:15 on Wednesday 14th October 2015 at the BFI Southbank.

This is Studio Ghibli's final film.

The BFI London Film Festival 2015 also has other films of interest, including Mamoru Hosoda's The Boy and the Beast. If you like Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children, you'll want to catch this feature.

Read More... | Source: BFI London Film Festival

The Tail Of The Princess Kaguya UK Cinema Release Details

Date: Sunday 8th March 2015 [12:42] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

UK based anime fans of Studio Ghibli will be very pleased to hear about the up coming cinema release of the The Tale of The Princess Kaguya. Studio Canal the company with the UK distribution rights to the film have started to put posters up in London's West End tube stations. The posters confirm that the Oscar nominated film will be released in selected cinemas on Friday 20th March 2015.

Read More... | Source: Studio Canal

The Wind Rises on Film4 Friday 13th February 2015

Date: Monday 9th February 2015 [15:28] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

UK anime fans who tuned into The Wind Rises last Saturday, may have been surprised to find that they were showing the Japanese version, with English subtitles. Originally Film4 intended to show the dubbed version, but due to an error their they, they showed the subtitled version instead. Anime fans hoping to catch the dubbed version will want to tune into Film 4 on Friday 13th February 2015 at 6:25pm.

As always, we've updated the details of the screening on the Otaku Calendar.

Source: Film4

The Wind Rises on Film4 Saturday 7th February 2015

Date: Tuesday 3rd February 2015 [15:39] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

UK based fans of Studio Ghibli will want to tune into Film4 on Saturday 7th February 2015, as they'll be showing The Wind Rises at 3:25pm. This will be the first UK TV screening of the film. It's Hayao Miyazaki's latest (and most likely last) feature film since the famed Oscar winning director announced his retirement.

The Wind Rises was the highest grossing film in Japan for 2013. It tells the story of a fictionalised biography of Jiro Horikoshi, real life designer of the notorious Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter aircraft. In the film, Jiro is forced to abandon his dream of being a pilot and becomes an engineer, spurred on by vivid dreams and the love of a woman.

Film4 have confirmed that it will be the English dubbed version which features the voice talent of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Film4 can be viewed on:
Freeview: Channel 15
Free Sat: Channel 300
Sky: Channel 315
Virgin: Channel 428
Virgin HD: Channel 429

Also don't forget Film4 +1, to watch it an hour later.
Film4+1 can be viewed on:
Freeview: Channel 45
Free Sat: Channel 301
Sky: Channel 316
Virgin: Channel 430

If you're interested you can read our review of The Wind Rises.

You also can buy the film on DVD, Blu-ray and DVD or Collector's Edition Blu-ray and DVD.

Regular readers will be aware of our review of The Kingdom of Dreams & Madness a documentary that follows the production of The Wind Rises.

Source: Film4

The Giant Ghibli Clock - Nittele Big Clock

Date: Thursday 1st January 2015 [15:42] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Features

For a Ghibli fan heading to Japan, Mitaka is a the natural place to go for a pilgrimage to the Ghibli Museum. However the modern Tokyo district of Shiodome should not be overlooked for something something interesting and entertaining: the Nittele Big Clock (Nippon TV Really Big Clock).

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness UK DVD Release Details

Date: Monday 10th November 2014 [14:58] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > DVD

UK Studio Ghibli fans looking for something interesting to buy on DVD will be pleased to hear about the UK DVD release of The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness. The documentary goes behind the scenes of Studio Ghibli focusing on Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata at work at the studio as they prepare for their latest films The Wind Rises (Miyazaki) and The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Takahata).

The DVD is released on Monday 1st December 2014. You can pre-order it now from Amazon.co.uk.

The movie is also showing at London's ICA until Thursday 20th November 2014.

Ghibli Fans looking for something else to get this Christmas would probably want to consider the soon to be released Hayao Miyazaki Box Set Blu-ray.

Read More... | Source: Studio Canal

Hayao Miyazaki Box Set Blu-ray UK Release Details

Date: Tuesday 4th November 2014 [15:10] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

UK based fans of Oscar winning anime director Hayao Miyazaki will be very pleased to hear about Studio Canal's latest boxset. The Hayao Miyazaki Box Set is due out Monday 8th December 2014, just in time Christmas. The blu-ray collection features 11 of his films from Castle of Cagliostro to The Wind Rises.

The limited edition set comes with an exclusive bonus disc, a booklet plus a box featuring a self portrait of the epic director in his classic pig style. Each disc is also presented in a special art sleeve.

The set is available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk. It retails at 180.

Read More... | Source: Studio Canal

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness Australian release details

Date: Thursday 2nd October 2014 [17:09] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > DVD

We don't normally post Australian anime news (but we do want to change that and post more). Australian Fan of Studio Ghibli are in for a treat the December. Anime company Madman Entertainment will be releasing The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness. It's a behind the scenes documentary at Studio Ghibli, you can see the masters of animation at work and get some inside details of Miyazaki making his last feature film The Wind Rises. It's due out in Australia on Wednesday 10th December 2014 and is set to retail for $29.95 (AUD).

If you've enjoyed any kind of DVD extra on behind the scenes at Studio Ghibli, you'll want to see this insightful film focusing on the creative process behind the scenes.

The film will also be showing as part of Madman's The Tale of Studio Ghibli Showcase theatrical event

Source: Madman Entertainment

Howl's Moving Castle Today's Google Doodle

Date: Saturday 16th August 2014 [7:55] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

Fans of Ghibli will be pleased to note that today's Google Doodle in the UK is Diana Wynne Jones, the author of Howl's Moving Castle. The doodle celebrates what would be her 80th birthday. The doodle features Micheal, Calcifer and Sophie sitting around the fireplace. As square on the door rotates, and the door opens and closes changing location.

Source: Google UK

Studio Ghibli Forever screenings throughout the UK in August

Date: Tuesday 5th August 2014 [13:32] | Posted By: Voxie
Category: > Events

In conjunction with film distributor Studio Canal, there will be a selection of Studio Ghibli features playing at cinemas throughout the UK in August. Including Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Arrietty, Ponyo, Earthsea, Cat Returns, Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke. There will even be a 'Draw Your Own Studio Ghibli Character' workshop!

Screenings will be all over the UK, including Glasgow, Sheffield, London, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham.

Not only that, but tickets are at great value starting from 4 for children and 7.50 for Adults.

Read More... | Source: Studio Ghibli Forever

Studio Ghibli to close down (or is it?)

Date: Sunday 3rd August 2014 [17:16] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Production > Studio Ghibli

The internet has lit up with the news that Studio Ghibli is to close down. Being the internet it's also full of misinformation. According to sources, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki said on the MBS Channel that they're restructuring Studio Ghibli. They are considering closing animation department. Many speculators in the industry are not surprised by this.

Kotaku have a good analysis of the story and it's details. As they correctly point out, an event like Studio Ghibli closing down would be all over Japanese News sources. Currently it is not.

Update: We've changed the source of this article to Kotaku, as they have a great analysis of what's going on.

Read More... | Source: Kotaku

The Wind Rises Review

Date: Wednesday 5th March 2014 [3:03] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

While Hayao Miyazaki's latest offering The Wind Rises awaits it's special UK preview on Wednesday 23rd April 2014, it is currently being shown in the US and Australia. We were lucky enough to catch a screening in English recently.

Here's our review of the film.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

BFI Southbank launch complete Studio Ghibli feature film retrospective, including a preview of The Wind Rises.

Date: Thursday 20th February 2014 [15:34] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

UK fans of Studio Ghibli will be very pleased to hear the news we've been sent from the good folks at the BFI. From April to May 2014 the BFI Southbank will launch complete Studio Ghibli feature film retrospective, including a preview of The Wind Rises. They'll be celebrating the Studio's 30th Anniversary.

They'll also be showing a preview of Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises. The latest film he's directed and likely to be his last as he says he's retired from film making. The Wind Rises will be screened on a special preview on Wednesday 23rd April 2013.

If you haven't seen a Studio Ghibli feature on the big screen before, we strongly suggest you do. It's a special treat to see these films as they're intend on the big screen!

Read More... | Source: BFI Southbank

Porco Rosso Blu-ray release details and Studio Ghibli UK Steel Book details

Date: Monday 18th November 2013 [15:06] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

Christmas as come early for many Ghibli Fans in the UK. Porco Rosso has just got a Blu-ray release in the UK. The adventures of the Crimson Pig over the Adriatic Sea is a classic Miyazaki movie. it's got all the hallmarks you'd expect, aviation, air fights, sea plane pirates and a touch of magic. It's a must see movie.

Keen readers of the Otaku Calendar will already know that Monday 25th November marks the release date of 4 Ghibli Steel Book Sets in the UK. Each set contains the movie on DVD and Blu-ray and comes in a shiny steel case featuring artwork from each film. They'll be releasing My Neighbour Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo and Nausicaa.

We're already drooling over these sets and different members of the Otaku News crew have expressed interested in different copies of these steel books. I'm dropping subtle hints to santa that I would like a copy of *cough* Totoro *cough* on Steel book, even though I've got the original Japanese DVD and UK Blu-ray releases. Yes! I am that much of a Ghibli fan. ^_^;;

Source: Otaku Calendar

Wolf Girl - The Princess Mononoke fan film

Date: Saturday 14th September 2013 [11:05] | Posted By: Franki Webb
Category: > Fandom

Any filmmaker will tell you that producing a movie is- hard work. The time, effort and sometimes budget issues can get in the way of making a vision a reality. That challenge is only intensified when it's a fan-based film, reaping no financial rewards at the end and with only the love of the story to keep them going. But that's exactly what filmmakers, Nate Drake and Georgie Donovan are doing, currently in the works is Wolf Girl, a movie about a modern teenage girl struggling to save the forest she calls home from humans, who are cutting down the trees for their own needs. She then joins forces with wolves in a bid to defend her home.

Read More... | Source: Wolf Girl Movie

Studio Ghibli Season on Film4 UK

Date: Tuesday 19th March 2013 [15:45] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

UK anime fans will be pleased to hear that Film4 will be showing a season of wonderful Studio Ghibli Films. The season is timed for the Easter break and includes plenty of screenings on the free to air channel. The movies are set to run from Tuesday 26th March - Saturday 13th April 2013.

We updated the Otaku Calendar with all the details over the weekend.

The Oscar winning Spirited Away is the first film showing on Tuesday 26th March at 6.30pm.

You can view Film4 on:

Film 4 is on:
Free View: Channel 15
Freesat: Channel 300
Sky: Channel 315
Virgin: Channel 428
Virgin HD: Channel 429

Don't forget Film 4 +1 as well.

Freesat: Channel 301
Sky: Channel 316
Virgin: Channel 430

Source: Film4

Kiki's Delivery Service UK and Australian Blu-ray details

Date: Thursday 28th February 2013 [14:22] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

UK Studio Ghibli Fans will be pleased to hear that Studio Canal will be releasing the classic Miyazaki movie Kiki's Delivery Service on Blu-ray on Monday 27th May 2013. Details are not yet up on the Studio Canal website. You can pre-order the title from Amazon.co.uk.

The title will also be released in Australia by Madman on Wednesday 22nd May 2013.

Source: Otaku Calendar

Arrietty on Film 4 - December 2012

Date: Thursday 13th December 2012 [16:36] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

UK anime fans wanting to get some Studio Ghibli goodness over Christmas will be pleased to hear that Film4 will be showing Studio Ghibli's Arrietty on Sunday 30th December 2012. It's on at 4:55pm until 6:50pm.

Film 4 is on:
Free View: Channel 15
Freesat: Channel 300
Sky: Channel 315
Virgin: Channel 428
Virgin HD: Channel 429

Don't forget Film 4 +1 as well.

Freesat: Channel 301
Sky: Channel 316
Virgin: Channel 430

Read our review of Arrietty

Source: Otaku Calendar

UK Anime DVD and Blu-ray release details for November and December 2012

Date: Sunday 11th November 2012 [16:58] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > DVD

Using our sister site Otaku Calendar we are able to present a list of up coming anime DVD and Blu-ray tiles for the rest of 2012.

Release dates as follows:

Monday 12th November 2012
Castle Of Cagliostro (Blu-ray)
My Neighbour Totoro (Blu-ray)
Towanoquon Complete Series Collection (DVD)
Trigun Movie: Bandlands Rumble (DVD)
Trigun Movie: Bandlands Rumble (Blu-ray)

Monday 19th November 2012
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OVA Collection (Blu-ray)
Sekirei Pure Engagement (Season 2) (DVD)

Monday 26th November 2012
Naruto Shippuden Box Set 11 (DVD)
Ninja Scroll (Blu-ray)

Monday 3rd December 2012
Clannad After Story Part 2 (DVD)
Phantom: Requiem Complete Series (DVD)
Tales Of Vesperia: The First Strike (DVD)
Tales Of Vesperia: The First Strike (Blu-ray)

Monday 10th December 2012
Hetalia Axis Powers Season 4 Collection (DVD)

Monday 17th December 2012
Freezing Complete Series Collection (DVD)

Monday 24th December 2012
Berserk - Film 1: Egg Of The King (DVD)
Berserk - Film 1: Egg Of The King (Blu-ray)
Gintama The Movie (DVD)
Persona 4 The Animation - Box 1 (Blu-ray)

Monday 31th December 2012
Shiki Part 2 (DVD)

Being Studio Ghibli fans we're most excited about the blu-ray releases of My Neighbour Totoro and Castle of Cagliostro. The blu-ray of Ninja Scroll has also been long awaited, you can read our review of it here.

Source: Otaku Calendar

Princess Mononoke London Stage Performance - Auditions

Date: Saturday 20th October 2012 [17:29] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Culture

A few months ago, we posted some exciting news about Princess Mononoke being adapted for the stage. The Whole Hog Theatre are about to start auditions for the stage adaptation!

Auditions will be open to all, but the number of people they can see will be limited. The roles will be unpaid and voluntary (as are all roles within Whole Hog Theatre), but this is a great chance to get involved with an amazing theatrical event. People wishing to audition will need to sign up on-line from 8am on Thursday 25th October 2012.

Audition dates as follows:

Thursday 22nd November 2012 - New Diorama Theatre, London
Friday 23rd November 2012 - The Band Factory, Leamington Spa
Saturday 24th November 2012 - Warwick University Campus, Coventry

They'll also be looking for technical people too, such a Set Designer, Costume Designer, Technical Manager / Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, plus Hair and Makeup Design.

Read More... | Source: The Whole Hog Theatre

Princess Mononoke London Stage Performance - April 2013

Date: Thursday 19th July 2012 [16:38] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

London based Studio Ghibli fans will be pleased and surprised to hear about the world's first staging of Princess Mononoke. Hayao Miyazaki's renowned title is being transferred to the stage by the Whole Hog Theatre Company.

The performance will use be using "giant puppets made from recycled materials, visceral, physical storytelling and original live music".

This project has been in the works for over a year.

Performances are set to take place from Tuesday 2nd to Saturday 6th April 2013 at the New Diorama Theatre in London. Tickets are available now for 12.50 or 10.50 for concessions.

Update: The tickets have sold out for the weekend already, you can still buy tickets for the Wednesday.

Read More... | Source: New Diorama Theatre

Namco Bandai UK announces online community project for Tales Of... fans

Date: Sunday 3rd June 2012 [14:10] | Posted By: Eeeper
Category: > Press Releases

Namco Bandai Games UK announces an online community for fans of their Tales Of series of computer games.

Read More... | Source: Namco Bandai Games UK

Tales Of Graces f release details and MCM London Expo game demo details

Date: Wednesday 16th May 2012 [16:21] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming

The good folks from Namco Bandai have sent us details of the Tales of Graces f, which is due out in Europe (that includes the UK), the Middle East and Australia on Friday 31st August 2012.

If you can't wait until then to play it, you should head over to the London MCM Expo from Friday 25th May to Sunday 27th May 2012. Tales of Graces F will be demoed from 5pm to 5:30pm on the Saturday. Namco Bandai will also be demoing the highly anticipated game made in conjunction with Studio Ghibli and Level 5 - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch from 6pm to 6:30pm. Fans looking for some kinect action should go to the Sunday 10:30 to 11am demo of Dragon Ball Z Kinect.

Read More... | Source: Namco Bandai

Studio Ghibli on Film 4

Date: Sunday 11th December 2011 [14:35] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

UK readers are in for a treat this Christmas 2011 as Film 4 have a special Studio Ghibli Season.

They'll be showing 13 Ghibli movies over the holidays. The season opens on Saturday 10th December with Ponyo, which will also be repeated on Christmas Day. The screenings will be a mix of subtitled and dubbed features. This is a perfect chance to get your friends and family into Studio Ghibli titles over the Christmas holidays!

Read More... | Source: Film 4

Arrietty Kids' Club preview at Bath Little Theatre Picture House Cinema

Date: Monday 18th July 2011 [18:04] | Posted By: Molly Drury
Category: > Anime > Film

The Little Theatre in Bath is having a preview screening of Studio Ghibli's Arrietty on Saturday 23rd July at 1 PM for their Kids' Club, a week before the nationwide release!

General audiences can see Arrietty on the Friday 5th August at the Little Theatre.

Source: Bath Little Theatre

Arrietty kids' club preview at Cambridge Picture House

Date: Monday 18th July 2011 [13:06] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Events

The Cambridge Arts Picture House is having a kids' party and preview screening of studio Ghibli's Arrietty on Saturday 23rd July a full week before the nationwide release of the film. The doors open at 10 with the screening at 11:30, and will include a range of events including a Borrowers fancy dress party. The best dressed Borrowers may even win a prize.

Source: Cambridge Picture House

Arrietty London Screenings - Review

Date: Sunday 10th July 2011 [13:07] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

On Wednesday 6th July 2011 we went to the London Barbican sell out screenings of the latest Ghibli movie to make it over to the UK.

Arrietty is due for a wider cinema release in the UK on 29th July 2011.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

London Barbican July 2011 Anime Screenings

Date: Tuesday 10th May 2011 [15:33] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

London anime fans have got a lot to look forward over at the Barbican. They'll be showing the latest Ghibli movie - Arrietty on Wednesday 6th July 2011 at 7pm which is the UK Premier and on Saturday 9th July 2011 at 11 am (all adults must be accompanied by a child to this screening).

On Thursday 7th July 2011 the Barbican will be showing -
Laputa: Castle in the Sky at 6pm. It'll be introduced by anime expert and Ghibli fan Helen McCarthy.
Trigun: Badlands Rumble will be shown at 8:45pm. Both films are part of the We Love Anime Tour.

More lovely Ghibli features can be seen at the Barbican throughout July -

Saturday 9th July 2011 - 2pm - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Sunday 10th July 2011 - 4pm - Princess Mononoke

Saturday 16th July 2011 - 11am - Laputa: Castle in the Sky (all adults must be accompanied by a child to this screening).

Saturday 23rd July 2011 - 11am Kiki's Delivery Service (all adults must be accompanied by a child to this screening).

Saturday 30th July 2011 - 2pm - My Neighbour Totoro

Sunday 31st July 2011 - 2pm - My Neighbours the Yamadas

Sunday 31st July 2011 - 2pm - Spirited Away

I've you've never seen any of these films before, or never seen a Ghibli feature on a proper cinema screen, then now's your chance. These movies are special and always deserve watching in the cinema.

The Barbican have a full listing of all the Ghibli features this July here.

As always with such features, we advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

Source: Barbican

Ghibli Movies on UK TV this weekend

Date: Friday 22nd April 2011 [11:08] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

UK readers are in for a treat this Saturday 23rd April 2011, as Film4 will be showing the classic Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro at 11 am, while on BBC 2 at 12 Midday you can catch the Oscar winning Spirited Away.

While on Monday 25th April 2011, Film4 will be showing Princess Mononoke at 6:20pm.

Also ITV will be showing some anime too -

Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior on CITV at 9:25am on Saturday 23rd April 2011.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (2004) is being shown on ITV1 and ITV1 HD on at 2am (yes AM) on Monday 25th April 2011.

Thanks to Emo185 for pointing out the ITV showings.

Source: Film4

My Neighbour Totoro on Film 4 today at 3:05pm (Sunday 21st November 2010)

Date: Sunday 21st November 2010 [8:53] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

UK based anime fans who can receive Film 4 will want to tune in today (Sunday 21st November 2010) at 3:05pm to enjoy the Miyazaki classic My Neighbour Totoro.

Film 4 can be seen on the following channels:
Freeview - 15
Freesat - 300
Sky - 315
Virgin - 428
Virgin (HD) - 429

If you've missed it, don't forget Film 4 + 1, so you can catch it at 4:05pm on the following channels -
Freesat - 301
Sky - 316
Virgin - 430

Failing that you can always buy Totoro on DVD from Amazon.co.uk for 7.

Source: Film 4

Nausicaa Blu-ray UK release details

Date: Wednesday 13th October 2010 [15:43] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

A quick reminder for UK anime fans, the Studio Ghibli classic Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind will be released on blu-ray on Monday 18th October 2010. This is one of those rare instances when UK anime fans get a release before the US.

UK readers can pre-order Nausicaa on blu-ray from Amazon.co.uk.

US readers who can't wait will want to consider the Japanese release which also has English subtitles and is region free.

Update: A reader has noticed that The Digital Fix are running a Nausicaa blu-ray competition.

Source: Optimum Releasing

Sci-Fi-London Oktoberfest 2010

Date: Monday 27th September 2010 [16:37] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

As is tradition in October Sci-Fi-London will be screening a great selection of anime as part of their Oktoberfest. The festival starts on Thursday 14th October and ends early in the morning of Sunday 17th October 2010 (this is because of their great Saturday all nighters).

Friday 15th at 7:30pm they'll be screening Technotise: Edit & I, which is billed as Serbia's first animated feature film crossing Ghost in the Shell with Waltz with Bashir.

On Saturday 16th October at 3pm they'll be screening Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, the live action take of the Sci-Fi novel that inspired an anime feature film version along with a TV drama, manga and other feature films.

Saturday night from 10:30pm is when the fun starts for Studio Ghibli fans, with an all-nighter with the following features -
Spirited Away
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
The Cat Returns
Howl's Moving Castle

At the same time at 10:30pm there is an anime all-nighter as an alternative, screening 2 Ghibli features plus Eden of the East -
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
The Cat Returns
Eden of the East

As always with great events we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

Source: Sci-Fi-London Oktoberfest 2010

Ni no Kuni to get western release.

Date: Monday 12th July 2010 [17:13] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming

Fans of video games and Studio Ghibli will be pleased to hear that Ni no Kuni the RPG made by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli will be getting a western release. The lovely people at Kotaku have more details. They cite Joystiq.

Source: Kotaku

Ponyo London Screening Details

Date: Thursday 10th September 2009 [17:29] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

The moment many UK anime fans have been waiting for is finally here.

Helen McCarthy's November Japanimation screening will be Hayao Miyazaki's new film Ponyo.

The screening will be on the last week of November at the London Barbican, time to yet be confirmed. Booking won't open for this screening until 11th October 2009. They expect a very high demand for these tickets. We cannot stress enough in this case if you want to see this movie to book early to avoid disappointment.

Otaku parents with young kids will be pleased to hear that Ponyo will also be screened a few days before as part of the London Children's Film Festival at the Barbican. Please note that with all screenings at the London Children's Festival, adults must be accompanied by a child.

Source: Barbican

Miyazaki is a Genre Unto Himself

Date: Sunday 6th September 2009 [21:39] | Posted By: Queen Of Swords
Category: > Anime

Anime legend Hayao Miyazaki's films combine aspects of familiar genres to make them classics of animation. i09 takes Miyazaki's most famous works and examines the genres used to make each film unforgettable.

Read More... | Source: i09

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea DVD review

Date: Wednesday 12th August 2009 [16:57] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > DVD

We've finally put up our DVD review of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

Ponyo hits Cinemas in the US on Friday August 14th 2009

Ponyo hits Cinemas in Australia on Thursday 27th August 2009.

Ponyo is due for UK release on late 2009 / early 2010.

This review is of the Japanese Region 2 DVD. You can purchase it from Amazon.co.jp, CDJapan and all good Japanese DVD importers.

Source: Otaku News

Spirited Away London Children's Screening

Date: Monday 6th April 2009 [17:21] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

The Barbican in London will be screening a Hayao Miyazaki's acclaimed Spirited Away on Saturday 11th April 2009 at 10:30am. All adults must be accompanied by a child (this is not a typo), so it's a perfect Easter treat for the kids.

Source: Barbican

Miyazaki at the Venice Film Festival

Date: Monday 1st September 2008 [8:34] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

BBC News have published an interesting interview with Oscar winning anime director Hayao Miyazaki, focusing on the release of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea and it's screening at the Venice Film Festival. Oddly they ask about rivialy between Pixar, even though it's well known in fandom that Pixar and Studio Ghibli have strong ties, with John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki sharing a great friendship that was even documented on the DVD Thank You, Mr Lasseter.

The article mentions Miyazaki's advancing years, and how he will be over 70 years old when he does his next film.

UK fans will be pleased to hear that the article also mentions Ponyo will get a UK release in April 2009, although it's not clear if this will be a cinematic release or DVD release. Based on our previous experience with Ghibli releases in the UK we're guessing it will have a limited theatrical run first, before a DVD release.

Source: BBC News

Tales from Earthsea UK DVD release details

Date: Thursday 13th December 2007 [17:04] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > DVD

We've received details from Optimum Releasing about their UK DVD release of Tales from Earthsea. The 2 disc edition is due for release on 28th January 2008. The DVDs feature the English dubbed and Japanese subtitled version of the film, with the second DVD containing all the bonus features, include a making of, an NTV special, a behind the microphone and a trailer reel. You can read our review of Tales from Earthsea here.

Read More... | Source: Optimum Releasing

Tales from Earthsea UK screening details - dates and venues

Date: Monday 30th July 2007 [16:57] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

Anime fans in the UK will be pleased to hear that the offical UK Tales from Earthsea movie website now has details and dates for screenings. You can read our Tales from Earthsea review to see if it's your kind of Studio Ghibli movie. Screenings start from August 3rd.

Read More... | Source: Offical Tales From Earthsea UK Movie Website

Otaku News Special: Tales from Earthsea Review

Date: Tuesday 24th July 2007 [17:53] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Anime > Film

Optimum are releasing the latest Ghibli Feature Tales from Earthsea in the UK on a limited number on cinema screens on August the 3rd this will be followed by a DVD release. We take a look at the dubbed version of Goro Miyazaki's debut film.

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Kiki's Delivery Service showing on Film 4 UK on Easter Saturday

Date: Wednesday 4th April 2007 [14:59] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

The keen eyes over at Animeuknews.net have spotted that Film 4 will be showing the Studio Ghibli classic Kiki's Delivery service on Saturday 7th April 2007, at 1pm. It'll be dubbed in English. We highly recommend watching this film if you haven't seen it before, it's a great introduction into Studio Ghibli's works, and also a great family movie.

Source: Film 4

Miyazaki's New Movie

Date: Thursday 22nd March 2007 [22:06] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Anime

Hayao Miyazaki currently working on his latest movie!

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Channel 4 to screen Ghibli films this week in UK

Date: Sunday 18th February 2007 [18:17] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

UK anime fans will be pleased to know that the keen eyes over at UKAnime.com have discovered that Channel 4 will be showing some great Ghibli films in the mornings this week:

Kiki's Delivery Service - Monday 19th February - 9:55 am
The Cat Returns - Tuesday 20th February - 10:35 am
My Neighbour Totoro - Thursday February 22nd - 10:20 am
Laputa: Castle in The Sky - Friday February 23rd - 9:55 am

Due to the time slot we believe all the films will be dubbed. We highly recommend all the Studio Ghibli titles, especially Miyazaki's films, for more details of Studio Ghibli films check out Nausicaa.net.

Source: Channel 4

Spirited Away airing on BBC 2

Date: Friday 29th December 2006 [14:22] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > TV

Just a quick reminders to our viewers in the UK, BBC 2 will be airing Spirited Away, the first and only anime movie to win an Oscar. Make sure you catch Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece at 5:15pm on Saturday December 30th 2006. From what we can gather it's the dubbed version.

Source: BBC Two

Earthsea (Gedo Senki) for the UK

Date: Saturday 16th December 2006 [8:27] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Production > Studio Ghibli

Since the American Earthsea live action mini series aired here we've feared that a UK release of the Ghibli Tales of Earthsea might be some time off much like America where Disney need to wait until 2009 until they can release the film. Thankfuly, it seems that Optimum aren't caught up in the problem and are releasing the film sub only in the UK.

Source: Animeuknews

Ghibli Triple Bill in Bradford

Date: Monday 18th September 2006 [11:55] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Production > Studio Ghibli

The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television is hosting a three film Ghibli screening on the 28th of October as part of it's British animation festival. The following films will be shown My Neighbour Totoro , Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke.

If you're in the area and haven't seen any Ghibli films big screen we suggest you go!

Source: Bradford Aniamtion Festival 2006

Earthsea Scores Big in Japan

Date: Saturday 5th August 2006 [11:40] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Anime

Tales From Earthsea tops Pirates of the Caribbean at Japanese box office.

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Film Four Free from Sunday - Free Ghibli Films Hooray!

Date: Wednesday 19th July 2006 [11:06] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Anime > Film

Film Four will be free from Sunday switching from a premium to advert supported and thus free service. It will be available on cable (Telewest and NTL), Sky and freeview, it will also include a time delayed +1 channel.

Film Four has the rights to a wide range of World Cinema and cult films which include many Ghibli classics.

Read More... | Source: Film Four

BFI NFT London Anime Screenings

Date: Sunday 16th July 2006 [17:20] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

The BFI have sent us some great news about an August Anime Season kicking off at the NFT in London. Following the success of last years anime season, they've decided to hold another one, which is always a great sign for London based fans. Highlights include director of Negadon: The Monster from Mars making an appearance on stage for a conversation session on Friday 18th August. They'll also be screening:

The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Negadon: The Monster from Mars + Yonna in the Solitary Fortress
Tetsujin 28: The Movie
Patlabor: The Movie
Mind Game
Area 88: Episodes 1-4
Karas: The Prophecy
Otakus in Love (Koi no Mon)

The following two Ghibli titles also get special extended runs:
Pom Poko
Spirited Away

They've got a great selection of titles and we highly recommend attending some of these screenings.

Read More... | Source: BFI

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