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UK Photographer Seeks Otaku for Photography Project

Date: Wednesday 14th November 2012 [16:21] | Posted By: Joe

UK based fine art and cosplay photographer Daisy Ware-Jarrett has got in touch with us and needs to hear from otaku for her up coming project. She's putting together a project titled Moe. For the project she needs to spend a day with an otaku photographing fandom from an individual's perspective. Are you interested in being part of this photo project?! If so then get in touch with Daisy.
Full Story
Details as follows:

Hello Kitty Headphones

Whatís the project?
Hello :) My name is Daisy and Iím a fine art & cosplay photographer based in the UK. I am currently putting together a project called "Moe". This project will entail me spending the day with a self proclaimed Otaku and documenting the world of fandom from this individuals perspective. Itís hard at the moment to explain what the end product will be because the project will pivot on the Otaku and their personality, whether it be reading manga, writing fanfic, painting figurines or just geeking out the way you interact with anime culture will be key to the project.

Why am I doing this project?
Iíve seen a lot of documentaries and projects on fandom which I feel are biased and almost patronising, my aim as a fellow Anime fan is to create a series of photos which provide a more positive outlook on active audiences, the project title "Moe" is an term Otakuís in Japan use to express the unique warm feeling they experience when interacting with their favourite Anime/Manga, that is the feeling I want to put across through my work, a kind of homely comfort.

Whatís in it for you?
The main benefit for yourself would be having a series of images created around your passion and life. I would send you copies of the images which would be free for you to use as you like (apart from selling), if you have a fan site or business I would be happy to include the link within the project statement on my website, giving you publicity to nearly 35,000 active members of Phonar (the course that inspired me to do this project).

Whatís expected from you?
I aim to have the first set of images finished by early December so we would have to be able to arrange a day to shoot ASAP. It would also be good to chat a bit before hand just so we can get to know each other and both understand what we aim to get from this project, either over Skype or a pint. Other than that all I ask of you is to let me and my camera follow you for a day in your home :).

If you have any more questions please feel free to add them to the 2nd page of this document and I will try and reply as quickly as possible.

If you would like to apply to be part of this project then please email me daisywarejarrett@gmail.com (There will be multiple spaces available, the project in ongoing)

To see my work visit: www.daisywarejarrett.wordpress.com

Photographer seeks Otaku for project "Moe" - Project Proposal.

Source: Daisy Ware-Jarrett

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