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Yo! Sushi Tycoon to Launch Capsule Hotels in UK

Date: 2004 September 12 12:30

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The is running a story about Simon Woodroffe (the entrepreneur behind Yo! Sushi) latest plans to bring Japanese style Capsule Hotels to the UK.

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Simon Woodroffe plans to pitch them as Yotels, which combines the "Japanese capsule hotel and British Airways first class", so it's a capsule hotel with more luxury then! The capsules will feature "a flat screen TV, rotating bed (to save space), broadband and aeroplane-style lighting", plus "the leather you would get in an Aston Martin".

Oddly enough the Independent have sensationalised the story by claiming it will be closer to Japanese love hotels than a capsule hotel. Simon Woodroffe clearly states that "We will not be renting rooms by the hour." but rent "in blocks of hours" which is a different concept from Japanese love hotels, and tabloid site MegaStar also tries to give readers the wrong idea.

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