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Browsing Category: > Current Affairs

Captain Tsubasa to be donated to Iraq

Date: 2006 March 13th Monday [12:40] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Manga News the football anime Captain Tsubasa based on the manga by Youichi Takahashi will be dubbed into Arabic and donated to Iraqi Broadcasting Stations free of Charge. Captain Tsubasa is a popular 80's anime which follows the adventures of Captain Tsubasa and his journey to become a famous football (as in soccer for our US readers) player .

Source: Manga News

No Oscar For Howl's Moving Castle

Date: 2006 March 6th Monday [15:28] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime > Film

Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year, beating Corpse Bride and Howl's Moving Castle. Reading around forums some anime fans are upset by this, but many more are realistic, Howl although beautifully animated is not as good storywise as Spirited Away, or many other previous Miyazaki works, many fans on the Miyazaki Mailing List have stated that they don't regard it to be the same league as other epics, like Nausicaa, Laputa: Castle In the Sky, My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service or Porco Rosso. At least Studio Ghibli were beaten by a strong competitor, as this is Nick Park's forth Oscar.

Source: BBC News

Me-Teru of Galaxy Express 999 becomes a Receptionist

Date: 2006 March 6th Monday [13:17] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Manga News there is an interesting article about a robotic version of Me-Teru from the famous manga Gingatetsudo 999, or Galaxy Express 999 as a receptionist. This robot is working at the airport of Kita-Kyushu (the home town of its creator Leiji Matsumoto), and it is reported that Me-Teru has been programmed to answer around 200 questions!

Source: Manga News

Multilingual Online TV Broadcasting to Start

Date: 2006 February 28th Tuesday [16:29] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Websites

According to Crisscross, Japan Information Network Inc will start Japan's first multilingual online television broadcasting this Friday. It aims to help foreigners learn more about Japan! ^_^

With their Roppongi based studio they will cover Japanese politics, economy, society and culture in Japanese, English and Chinese for several hours a day. JIN intend to expand in the near future with a 24 hour broadcasting system with 12 languages.

Source: Crisscross

Mixed Reactions Over Manga Panties Giveaway

Date: 2006 February 28th Tuesday [13:05] | Posted By: Spike
Category: > Freaky Things

According to the Daily Mainichi News, Japanese magazine Cyzo has lashed out over a new manga that is being promoted with the gift of a pair of what they are describing as being "commonly worn by pre-schoolers".

Read More... | Source: Mainichi Daily News

Butler Cafe' to open In March for Otaku Girls

Date: 2006 February 27th Monday [13:08] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

According to Akadot a new café’ called Butler Café’ which is targeted towards Otaku Girls is going to open at the end of March.

The Café is located In East Ikebukuro, an otaku haven near Otome Road and the Butler Café’ will be a rival to the Maid Café’ which opened some time ago.

Read More... | Source: Akadot

Pachinko Support Group To Save The Day

Date: 2006 February 26th Sunday [7:51] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

According to the Mainichi Daily News, a Pachinko Support Group has been set up to help people cope with the addictive pinball like game. Addiction to pachinko, like many addictions can lead to problems in society such as debts, violence, juvenile delinquency and even neglect from addicted parents. What surprises us it that it's the first support group of it's kind, despite in it's hay-day in the mid nineties 44 million Japanese were playing the game.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Cyber College in Fukuoka Japan

Date: 2006 January 31st Tuesday [7:09] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

According to CrissCross.com, it has been announced that SoftBank Corp plans to open a "cyber" college. This College would be giving all lectures through the internet for undergraduates that wish to get a degree.
SoftBank which is the parent of Yahoo Japan Corp aims to launch the college, the first of its kind in Japan, in April next year in the city of Fukuoka after gaining the approval of the education ministry, it said.

Source: CrissCross

Death Sentence Upheld for Otaku Murderer

Date: 2006 January 23rd Monday [10:34] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Current Affairs

Tokyo Supreme Court upholds death sentence for the Otaku Murderer.

Read More... | Source: Anime News Network

Prince of Tennis Manga-ka Injured

Date: 2006 January 11th Wednesday [8:09] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Manga

According to Manga News it was reported that Manga-ka Takeshi Konoshi was Injured and only 11 pages of Prince of Tennis manga appeared in the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump (No.6+7). Konoshi injured himself due to age and had to finish the chapter while still recovering at the hospital thus resulting in fewer pages.

Source: Manga News

Britain Goes Sodoku Mad

Date: 2006 January 10th Tuesday [15:09] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

Amusingly Crisscross are currently running an article about Britain's current Sodoku Craze, it briefly covers the history of the numbers game and how The Times started the Sodoku wars in the national newspapers.

Source: Crisscross

Ugly Japan

Date: 2006 January 7th Saturday [16:17] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Current Affairs

While many people see Japan as a land of beauty with it's historical buildings, accent shrines and woodlands. However there are some parts of Japan that are ugly, which is why The Times, have published an article about Professor Shigeru Itou report which slates ugly landmarks that are in drastic need of an overhaul. Itou is Japan's most senior urban planning expert and has spent the last two years researching the worst eyesores. Anime fans will be interested to know that the 8 lane motorway over the ornate Nihombashi bridge is considered the worst offender. The bridge has been a feature of many scenes in historical titles like Kenshin.

Source: The Times Online

Geisha Confidential

Date: 2006 January 5th Thursday [17:14] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Culture

With Memoirs of a Geisha hitting the cinema screen soon lots of articles about Japan and Geisha. The Telegraph have put a great article about geisha life in Japan which aims to dispel the common myths about them being nothing more than courtesans, when in fact they are more entertainers and performers.

Source: The Telegraph

Get Your Nails Done at Manga Cafes

Date: 2006 January 3rd Tuesday [15:55] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Fandom

The Statesman are currently running an article from the Yomiuri Shimbun, about the latest changes to anime cafes, which apparently now offer more services for the female anime and manga fan, including germanium baths, nail salons and even organic vegetable buffets! The article states that the number of young women is growing in manga cafes and keen to capitalise on this. The article also mentions that such cafes are popular places for people to crash out in as a cheap alternative to hotels.

Source: The Statesman

Slam Dunk Caught in Plagiarism Scandal

Date: 2005 December 23rd Friday [9:58] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Manga

Bad News for Manga-ka Takehiko Inoue the creator of Slam Dunk as reported in Anime News Network that he is claimed to have plagiarised other sources.

Read More... | Source: Anime News Network

Top 10 Anime Theme Songs of 2005

Date: 2005 December 22nd Thursday [11:25] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Anime News Network, Oricon has posted an article with the top 10 selling Anime Theme songs of 2005.

Thirty-seven anime theme songs broke into Oricon's top 10 charts this year, compared to 24 in 2004 and only 8 back in 2000.

This year's top 10 anime theme songs were:

1) *~Asterisk from Bleach (TV), by Orange Range - 628,329 copies sold.
2) Gekkouka from Black Jack, by Janne Da Arc - 321,977 copies sold.
3) Sukiyanen, Osaka/Oh! Enka/Mugendai from Nintama Rantarou, by Kan Johnny 8 - 238,826 copies sold
4) Link from Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala, by L'Arc-en-Ciel - 235,751 copies sold
5) Pride from Gundam Seed Destiny, by High And Mighty Color - 223,208 copies sold
6) vestige from Gundam Seed Destiny, by T.M. Revolution - 176,028 copies sold
7) Metamorphoze from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation -Heirs to the Stars-, by Gackt - 156,709 copies sold
8) Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru from Gundam Seed Destiny, by See-Saw - 156,172 copies sold
9) Kuroge Wagyuu Joushio Tanyaki Roppyaku Hachijuu En from Black Jack, by Ai Ohtsuka - 149,134 copies sold
10) Wings Of Words from Gundam Seed Destiny, by Chemistry - 140,969 copies sold

Source: Anime News Network

Ninja Tourist Tour

Date: 2005 December 18th Sunday [15:36] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Current Affairs

The Mainichi Daily News are currently running a story about a ninja skills roadshow taking place in Taiwan next month. Experts are from Iga in Mie, an area famed for the ninja art. The event is planned by the Iga tourist association aims to give demonstrations at hotels and department stores with blowgun darts and ninja starts. Apparently the ninjas will then use their skills to infiltrate further afield including South Korea, America and Europe. We have yet to hear if these ninjas will be wailing on their guitars, as this would be totally cool and by that we mean totally sweet. ^_-

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Typo Causes Japanese Stock Market Chaos.

Date: 2005 December 9th Friday [7:32] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Current Affairs

We all make mistakes when typing; a lot of our readers have probably sent e-mail to the wrong person or made similar mistakes when inputting data, very few of us will have lost million of pounds with such a slip up. Unfortunately for a Japanese stock trader their error has ended up having massive repercussions.

The trader sold 610,000 shares in J-com for 1 yen each when the trader in fact meant to sell 1 share for 610,000 yen. Japanese trade rules prevented the shares for actually selling at one yen, but they still sold massively under price.

The mistake has highlighted weaknesses in the stock trading system; the Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi has called for new safety measures.

Source: BBC News

Kireru - To Freak Out

Date: 2005 November 27th Sunday [15:47] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

From the country that brought you words like Karoshi (which translates as death from overwork), the Japanese now have kireru which can be translated as to freak out or to lose one's cool. Japan Today are covering this current trend which seems to be hitting the middle-aged the most, who snap and vent their anger on those who can't strike back, like waiters and railway workers. The article suggests a solution of expanding social circles, so the frustrated people can meet more people than just people from the workplace and home.

Source: Japan Today

Lupin III Music Composer Passes Away

Date: 2005 November 25th Friday [12:17] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Anime News Service Takeo Yamashita who wrote the music for the first Lupin III TV series has passed away on the 21st of November. He died of Cerebral Thrombosis at the age 75 years. His close relatives and friends have already held a funeral.

Yamashita worked on the title songs and soundtracks of various Classic Japanese TV Dramas and animation including Shichinin No Keiji, Oooka-Echizen, Playgirl, Super Jetter, Giant Robo and Ganba No Bouken. He wrote about 7000 songs and at the end of 1990 most of his work was re-released. In the year 2000 his popular selling compilation CD "Yamashita*Deluxe" was released.

Source: Anime News Service

Social Changes in Japan Create New Consumer Demands

Date: 2005 November 1st Tuesday [18:45] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Current Affairs

In one of those articles where the headline says it all, the Mainichi Daily News are reporting on the current Japanese Consumer trends. Apparently demographic changes and large amounts of deposable income in Japan are shifting the consumer markets and demand, as the Japanese desire for luxurious goods and lifestyles increases - "global luxury brands such as Baccarat, Gucci, Tiffany, Ritz Carlton and Coach Japan are taking advantage of Japan's challenging demographics". The article also mentions Silver aristocrats - Japanese over 65 years old (predominately female) many of whom are outliving their spouses by an average of 10 years.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Akihabara Entertainment Festival

Date: 2005 October 24th Monday [16:03] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

The Mainichi Daily News has some great photos from the Akihabara Entertainment Festival. It's set to promote Japanese cultural items like anime and video games! Apparently Sony was also showing off the PS3 there too, although it's rumoured that it was not a working version, but a mock-up. Pikachu made an appearance too!

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Photo Blogging For Otaku

Date: 2005 October 17th Monday [16:01] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Websites

Blogging is all the rage at the moment, with everyone and their dog putting up content about this that and everything. Many blogs are just angst fests. However hunting around can be interesting and rewarding with many different takes on anime fandom and Japanese Culture in general. Photo Blog site Flickr offers a wealth of photos for otaku, featuring Gundam, some nice Catbus, the cast of Naruto and Evangelion! One enterprising otaku even has his own Calcifer to keep his car warm. There are tons of cool images for you too look at on Flickr, so why not add your own! ^_^

Source: Flickr

Otaku Market in Japan estimated at 411 Billion Yen

Date: 2005 October 7th Friday [10:12] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

According to Japan Today it is estimated that in Japan the number of consumers or as we like to call otaku is about 1.72 Million. This market has an estimated value of 411 Billion Yen and was created thanks to clients who are extremely enthusiastic about manga, anime, video games and so on.

The research done by Nomura Research Institute reveals that the largest single group consisting of 350,000 people was fanatic fans of comics, spending an estimated 83 billion yen. The second largest group consists of 280,000 people which are obsessed with celebrities spending an estimated 61 billion Yen. The other groups were 250,000 maniac travel lovers with 81 billion yen, 190,000 computer-assembling otaku with 36 billion yen and 160,000 video game otaku with 21 billion yen.

Source: Japan Today

Bootlegging Trader Evicted From Australian Con

Date: 2005 October 5th Wednesday [20:29] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Current Affairs

A trader was evicted from an Australian anime convention on charges of bootlegging, harassment, and misleading prices.

Read More... | Source: Anime News Network

Manga Sales Decreasing in Japan

Date: 2005 September 30th Friday [22:12] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Manga

Manga sales decreasing in Japan due to rental shops and used sales.

Read More... | Source: Anime News Network

Aichi Expo Last Days

Date: 2005 September 24th Saturday [11:36] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

The Mainichi Daily News are running an interesting story about the last few days of the Aichi Expo in Nagoya. As covered previously on Otaku News the Expo features the house from Totoro, along with Japanese companies showing off their robotic technology. The Expo has proved so popular that people are willing to queue overnight to enter. This Saturday 34,500 people queued outside the expo before it opened at 8:20 am. Some people have even been more than 50 times! With attendance like this it's clear to see that the Expo has proved hugely successful.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Popular Band Do as Infinity Breaks up

Date: 2005 September 17th Saturday [6:30] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Anime News Network, the popular J-Pop band 'Do as Infinity' parted ways. The Band was responsible for various anime themes including songs for Inuyasha.

In a press release given on Sept 14, the members said that they wanted to pursue new projects and feel that breaking up is a natural step.

Vocalist Ban Tomiko (26) will record solo, guitarist Owatari Ryo (34) will continue his work singing and strumming with the band Missile Innovation, and songwriter Nagao Dai (34) will work as a producer and composer, particularly for the Avex female artist Amasia Landscape.

More details can be found here.

Source: Anime News Network

Maid Hair Salon in Akihabara

Date: 2005 September 15th Thursday [6:49] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Freaky Things

Those Japanese folks keep surprising us with the opening of a new business venture that keeps expanding the Otaku Empire. In fact they are not satisfied with the usual Maid Café business and so they welcomed a new Maid Hair Salon in their community.

Read More... | Source: Akadot

Sake Ice-Cream a Hit in Japan

Date: 2005 September 9th Friday [12:52] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

During the hot days of summer everyone enjoys a refreshing Ice-cream, in Japan they were lucky enough to have a new taste: Sake Ice-cream.
According to Mainichi Daily News the in the town of Tono, Iwate a soft-serve ice-cream containing unrefined sake has been proved a hit for an exchange agricultural center in town.

Read More... | Source: Mainichi Daily News

Manga-ka in Trouble With School

Date: 2005 September 8th Thursday [21:37] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Current Affairs

Anime News Network has reported that manga-ka Rieko Saibara, creator of the manga strip Mainichi Kasan and winner of the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize earlier this year, is in dispute with the school where her eldest son attends. The dispute is in regards to a panel of the manga published last November, which the school claims is too closely inspired by real events and people.

Mainichi Kasan, which translates as "Daily/Everyday Mom", depicts the daily life of a woman and her children. The panel in question shows five school children being referred to as "the Five Class Dummies". Following the panel's publication, Saibara was called in to her son's school (the name of the facility has not been given), where she was told that she was causing trouble for them and demanded that she refrain from depicting school scenes in her strip. Saibara argued that her work is fiction and that she has the freedom of expression. The school, however, said that she should take more consideration for the other children and their patrons and that her manga clearly depicts that school, even featuring their name. While there is no indication of any lawsuits having been filed by either party involved, the dispute currently remains unresolved.

Source: Anime News Network

Taiwanese Musician Accused of Copying Anime Theme

Date: 2005 August 30th Tuesday [6:30] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Anime News Network, angry fans of the anime series ‘Air’ are complaining that the opening theme song of the series, ‘Tori no Uta’ is extremely similar to a track on a Cd released earlier this month by SONY BMG Music Entertainment. The Cd which is titled ‘The Best of Shaun Yu’ features a piano-only music called "Melody" which is the 14th track on the Cd. Melody is listed as an original piece composed by Yu.

Fans of Air have said that Melody is virtually identical to Tori no Uta and have accused Yu of plagiarism.

Tori no Uta was composed by Key, The issue has been brought up on the forum on Key’s Official website however there was no response or statement yet left by Key.

Source: Anime News Network

Is KyuuCON a Scam?

Date: 2005 August 25th Thursday [17:36] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

After posting the press release from KyuuCon yesterday, it's been brought to our attention by various members of UK anime fandom that there is something fishy about KyuuCON. Firstly it appears that the venue mentioned the Plymouth Pavillions has not heard of KyuuCON or the organisers in question. The second major alarm bell is where the payments are going, into a personal bank account and not a building society account/non-profit account in the conventions name.

What's also interesting is their sudden change of heart, and the way they've just moved everything back a year. Plus this thread brought to our attention at the AyaCon Forum. At this current moment in time, based on what we have heard, we believe that KyuuCON is either very poorly organised or a cash grabbing scam, either way, we suggest you avoid KyuuCON for now.

Read More... | Source: Anime Fandom

Oldest Anime in Japan found

Date: 2005 August 20th Saturday [7:03] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Mainichi Daily News, the oldest Japanese Animation film ever made was found in a Kyoto home. Natsuki Matsumoto was handed the animation film to research about its origins and determine the year it was produced.

Read More... | Source: Mainichi

7.2 earthquake in Tohoku.

Date: 2005 August 17th Wednesday [17:21] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Current Affairs

An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 struck the Tohoku region of Japan yesterday; at least 58 people were hurt. Thankfully no one was killed. Twenty-six people nine of whom were children sustained injuries when the roof of a pool in Sendai collapsed. Around 4,000 people were truck in the bullet trains on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line as services were halted.

Source: Japan Times

Scattering Water Cools Down Japan

Date: 2005 August 14th Sunday [15:15] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Culture

A campaign to drench water on concrete in urban areas has started across Japan to help cool down big areas and prevent global warming. Scattering water on streets and gardens is a traditional Japanese way of cooling down in summer and according to the Mainichi Daily News was started in the Edo Period. Apparently when the scattered water evaporates it reduces the temperature.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

The Tokyo Beach Scene

Date: 2005 August 10th Wednesday [18:49] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

With the summer heat kicking in everyone wants to hit the beach. So in Tokyo sunbathers can visits the sands of Shibuya, where an artificial beach has been made available to the public for 9 days. 1,000 tons of white sand was imported from China to make this beach which has even has a special volleyball area. Built at a cost of 500m yen, it will also feature a concert, films and a fashion show. This original concept was inspired by the artificial beach made in Paris last year, and is a publicity stunt for SKY PerfecTV! who are hoping to attract around 200,000 eager visitors.

Source: BBC News

Non-Alcoholic Beer Popular with Kids in Japan

Date: 2005 August 5th Friday [7:35] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

According to Japan Today a new drink called "KidsBeer" which is aimed at children is becoming increasingly popular in Japan with kids and is posting monthly shipments of 75,000 bottles, according to its maker Tomomasu Co.

The beverage which sells for around 380 Yen per a 330-milliliter bottle makes use of the Latin American Plant Guarana as an ingredient. The company said that the beverage is coloured brown to make it look even more like beer.

Source: Japan Today

Japan University Forms New Manga Department

Date: 2005 July 5th Tuesday [17:54] | Posted By: Jeremy
Category: > Manga

Going to school to learn about art just got a whole lot cooler. At least in Japan it has. Anime News Network has announced that the first ever Manga Department will begin next spring in 2006 at Kyoto Seika University in Japan. The school's already existing manga art courses will be merged together to form the new department. 200 students will have the option to take classes that not only include how to produce manga, but also animation courses as well. No details have yet been provided on exactly what classes will be available.

Source: Anime News Network

Nippon Animation Co Ordered to Pay Loyalties to Voice Actors

Date: 2005 June 29th Wednesday [6:54] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to the Mainichi Daily News on Tuesday the Supreme Court ordered Japan's largest animation production company to pay royalties to voice actors and actresses for the sales of videotapes of animated films in which they acted.

Read More... | Source: Mainichi Daily News

Adult Videos To Appear on PSP

Date: 2005 June 19th Sunday [15:28] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

The Mainichi Daily News are reporting Sony Computer Entertainment have been put in an awkward position due to a Tokyo adult video maker announcing that it intends to produce adult video discs in UMD format, which can be played on Sony's Playstation Portable.

"This is not desirable, but we don't have the right to stop sales (of the adult videos)," a Sony Computer Entertainment representative said.

On a seperate note last month Geneon announced they would release anime on the PSP.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Tokyo Added to Live 8 charity concerts

Date: 2005 June 18th Saturday [7:36] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Events

Bob Geldof announced on Friday that Tokyo had been added to the list of cities taking part in the live8 charity concerts taking place around the world. The Irish Singer also said "Three weeks ago Europe agreed, unbelievably, to double aid, throwing the ball back to the Yanks, the Japanese and the Canadians".

Tokyo was added together with other two cities: Toronto and Johannesburg, for the July 2 concerts.
Geldof said the latest additions were arranged to put pressure on the Japanese and Canadian governments to increase assistance to Africa.

Source: Japan Today

Japan and France Team Up To Develop Supersonic Jet

Date: 2005 June 16th Thursday [12:45] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Technology

BBC News are covering a story about the Japanese and French plans to produce a successor to Concorde the renowned supersonic jet plane. Both countries unveiled the plan at the Paris airshow and stated that the 300 seat plane would reduce flight times between New York and Tokyo to six hours! This new aircraft will also be more refined than Concorde producing less noise.

Source: BBC News

Washington post brands Akihabara Geek Ghetto

Date: 2005 June 10th Friday [9:47] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Culture

The Washington post has an article about Akihabara, which brands it a Geek Ghetto and describes the maid café’s outfits as ‘French maid-meets-Pokemon outfits of adult manga’ another paragraphs states ‘That, along with the child pornography aspect of some adult manga, has led to allegations that some nerds are pedophiles.’ It also goes on to link Japans Geek culture with social problems in Japan.

Source: Washington Post

Humanoid Robot at Japanese Expo

Date: 2005 June 9th Thursday [16:39] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

A humanoid robot HRP-2 beats a drum during a robot exhibition at the Aichi World Expo site, at Nagakute on Thursday. Thanks to new software, HRP-2 came one step closer to be a working humanoid robot.

Lined up in a row of booths, more than 60 robots were on display at the Prototype Robot Exhibition. The robots are designed to become part of everyday lives, helping the sick, rescuing disaster victims and entertaining families.

Source: Mainichi

Japanese Lessons offered on Virgin Atlantic Flight

Date: 2005 June 5th Sunday [5:08] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

According to Japan Today, British Airline Virgin Atlantic will be offering Japanese Language Lessons on its London-to-Tokyo flights. Univerb Publishing House of Sweden developed the course and it will be offered as the airline’s in-flight entertainment system.
"Passengers can learn basic phrases or brush up on fluent conversation," said Katie Marks,
Programming coordinator for Virgin's onboard media, adding that Cantonese and Mandarin will also be added later this year.

Source: Japan Today

Movix Kyoto: Massive multiplex movie theater opens

Date: 2005 June 1st Wednesday [15:12] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Current Affairs

According to Anime News Service, on the 23rd April Shochiku celebrated its 110th anniversary and saw the opening of Movix Kyoto, which covers 7 stories, 12 screens and 2,563 seats. The massive complex will host Kyoto’s first DLP screen as well as TAD sound. This is the largest multiplex movie theater in western Japan. Tickets for the movies can be bought online or via mobile phones and all screens offer Dolby Surround EX, stadium seating and Movix original highback seating. Movix Kyoto will offer big screen digital presentations of Kabuki Plays which were called "Cinema Kabuki".

Source: Anime news service

Su Doku Newspaper Wars

Date: 2005 May 10th Tuesday [18:09] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Current Affairs

BBC's Newsnight show, have just run a TV version of this BBC News article about Su Doku. The article basically explains that a news paper war has broken out in the UK over the Japanese number puzzle Su Doku, an addicting game that can be solved using logic, so those with a phobia of mathematics can play! The game is becoming so popular it's actually now a selling point on newspapers front pages. Su Doku can be computer generated, so if you want to play take a look at Sudoku.com.

Source: BBC News

Women-only Train Carriages Roll Out In Tokyo

Date: 2005 May 9th Monday [18:04] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

Following on from our story about perverts groping women on trains in Japan, according to theMainichi Daily News several private rail companies have come up with a solution, Women only carriages. They were introduced across the Tokyo Metropolitan area on Monday. So far the scheme seems popular with both men and women, as women feel safer and (most) men feel they won't get wrongly accused of groping any female passengers.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Scissors, Paper, Stone Wins $20 Million Contract

Date: 2005 May 7th Saturday [7:49] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

Picture this, you're the director of Japanese electronics corporation Maspro Denkoh, you've got a $20 million collection of Picassos and Van Goghs that you want to sell, but can't decide if the contract should go to Sotheby's or Christie's to auction them. So what do you do? Get a represtentive from each prestigious auction house to visit and explain the benefits of using their auction service? Why no! You get them to play scissors, paper, stone! BBC News has the details of this hilarious incident and also the result.

The winner actually planned ahead by asking staff's two 11 year old daughters for tips! ^_-

Source: BBC News

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