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Browsing Category: > Cuisine

Is Mikado Pocky? A Taste Comparison

Date: 2009 April 26th Sunday [16:27] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

UK readers might have noticed adverts on TV, for a product called Mikado, which looks strikingly like the favourite otaku snack Pocky.

In this article we'll do a taste comparison and reveal the differences, and answer the question, is Mikado Pocky?

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

The Artistic Bento of AnnaTheRed

Date: 2009 February 5th Thursday [8:57] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

Wired are running and interesting story about AnnaTheRed’s Bento Creations. Wired have published an interview with her and also put a gallery of her work on-line. More can also be seen on her Flickr page.

The food looks divine and is made for her lucky boyfriend. Themes for her bento include Totoro, Katamari, Wall-E, Link (from Zelda), Smash Bros, Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service.

Source: Wired

Fosse Farmhouse England welcomes Mominoki House Japan

Date: 2008 December 15th Monday [18:06] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

We don't normally plug stuff like this on Otaku News, but the press release itself is a great example of Anglo-Japan cross cultural collaboration, which we always like hear and shout about. Vegetarians who are up for a Christmas holiday get away might want to pay a visit to Fosse Farmhouse in North Wiltshire in the UK.

Not only are they a good UK tourist attraction, they got close ties with Japan, and will be offering from Saturday 20th December 2008 to Sunday 4th January 2009 a special Mominoki vegetarian dinner menu. So if you want to eat like Paul McCartney and his band over Christmas then pay them a visit.

Read More... | Source: Fosse Farmhouse

Larvae Chocolates are a big hit

Date: 2008 April 14th Monday [17:07] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

With Easter long gone, we still can't stop thinking of chocolate. So we'd like to point out a story about chocolate in Japan a reader sent us (who has strange tastes including custard pizza, but that's another story in itself). The Japan Times On-line have a story about chocolate bugs, sold by an Akita based confectioner. Komatsuya Honten specialises in making chocolate treats that look like beetle larvae and caterpillars. Yum!

Read More... | Source: The Japan Times

Anime Brand Sake

Date: 2008 March 26th Wednesday [20:24] | Posted By: LittleWoodenBoy
Category: > Cuisine

Sake fans may be interested to see that several Japanese brewing companies are releasing sake with an anime theme.

Read More... | Source: Anime News Network

Fugu to die for

Date: 2007 November 23rd Friday [12:52] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

Following on from a story about Tokyo being the best place to eat in the world, The Times are running a story about the joys of eating fugu, the renowned delicacy of delicious puffer fish, which is highly poisonous (25 times more powerful than cyanide in fact) and will kill if prepared incorrectly.

The article goes on to describe the sensation of eating fugu "...something like small, melting pieces of ethereal rubber made by laughing angels, dancing on the tongue and leaving a gently anaesthetic effect on the lips". It also highlights that preparation and presentation are also very important aspects of Japanese cooking.

Source: The Times

Tokyo Top city for good food

Date: 2007 November 20th Tuesday [13:34] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

BBC News have just published a story which states that Tokyo has the finest cuisine in the world. The Michelin guide, famous for awarding the coveted Michelin stars has devoted it's first ever edition to an Asian city. Tokyo was awarded a total of 191 stars, which is nearly twice as many as Paris and more than 3 times New York's total.

The article ironically states that 3 of the top 8 restaurants in Tokyo serve French food.

Source: BBC News

Hotto! Raisu the food of the future

Date: 2007 May 7th Monday [15:21] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

Japan is famed for being the homeland of the invention of instant noodles, but now with the latest development in food technology is rice that gets hot when you add cold water. According the Mainichi Daily News, Hotto! Raisu is the special non-perishable food pack that creates steaming hot rice when cold water is poured over an exothermic agent pack, producing steam that warms the rice making it piping hot in 15 minutes. Currently it's been suggested that the packs could be distributed to areas struck by natural disasters where electricity is often unavailable. However the packs are not cheap, costing 10,000 yen for 30 with pickled ume plum.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Natto sales sky-rocket due to weight loss claims

Date: 2007 January 23rd Tuesday [7:55] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

Natto a traditional Japanese dish made of fermented soy beans is an acquired taste even by Japanese standards, but recently sales of natto have gone through the roof in Japan due to a TV show aired by Kansai Television Corporation which claimed that eating natto morning and night has helped people lose up to 3.5kg (roughly 7.7 lbs).

However as BBC News reports, the show's producers have admitted that some of the data was false. The US professor shown on the programme was not the same one that did the original research, additionally he was misquoted.

The company president has issued an apology, buy KTV still believe the diet could help people slim.

The BBC report a media backlash from the Yomiuri Shimbun stating the show had harmed the credibility of the television media sector as a whole. The Mainichi Shimbun's editorial commentary points out that popular media tended to exaggerate or give misleading information to keep their ratings high when reporting on weight loss or other health issues.

Source: BBC News

Father of Instant Ramen Noodles Dies

Date: 2007 January 7th Sunday [10:45] | Posted By: Spike
Category: > Cuisine

The inventor of instant ramen and founder of Nissin Food Products Co., Momofuku Ando has died. The purveyor of tasty Japanese noodle snacks and saviour of students everywhere died of heart failure in Osaka, at the Ikeda hospital aged 96.

Read More... | Source: The Japan Times Online

Rick Stein cooks for the Japanese ambassador

Date: 2006 December 15th Friday [16:20] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

BBC TV chef and seafood expert Rick Stein has made a new one off special on his travels to Japan to cook seafood for the Japanese ambassador.

The BBC are currently airing trailers for this show and it looks like a promising, with lots of interesting sushi facts.

The show will be aired in the UK on Tuesday 19 December at 8pm on BBC Two and is repeated on Thursday 21 December at 7pm. It looks like viewers will be in for a culinary treat.

Source: BBC Food

Maid Cafe in Toronto

Date: 2006 December 5th Tuesday [7:21] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Freaky Things

Canada can now boast it's first maid cafe. You have to feel a little sorry for the girls who work there, I mean isn't Canada cold? Aren't those skirts a little too short then? Where's the Hawaiian outlet? Judging by the menu it seems to be mainly snack food. Not that I suspect most of our readers would go for the food.... That said I imagine a trip to Canada is cheaper than Japan.

Source: Boing Boing

Single grain sushi

Date: 2006 October 27th Friday [9:12] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

The Daily Mainichi News is currently running a story about single grain sushi. Japan has always been famed for it's love of all things miniature, even with small food portions, but the latest fad at sushi restaurant Omoroi Sushiya Kajiki takes it to a whole new level. With only a single grain of Japanese rice, the fish on top is about 1cm by 2cm at the most single grain sushi proves to be a miniature treat for all.

The dish is sold in on a plate with 10 or 12 portions and can be requested upon advanced booking during the more quiet times of day. The head chef apparently makes this dish to make the ladies smile.

Source: Daily Mainichi News

More Anime Screenings at the London Cafe Manga

Date: 2006 March 9th Thursday [13:35] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Events

The good folks from ADV Films UK and Cafe Manga have sent us details of their special anime screenings which will be running throughout March. They'll be showing both subbed versions of Noir, Last Exile and Kino’s Journey at the Central London venue starting from Thursday 9th March. The Manga cafe also inform us that they've introduced happy hours during 6pm to 7pm where they'll be offering 25% discount off all drinks, note that if the staff are in doubt they will ask for ID. All titles screened are rated 12 and are uncut.

Read More... | Source: ADV Films UK

Happy Giri Choco Day!

Date: 2006 February 14th Tuesday [12:18] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Culture

Romance is in the air! It's Valentines day! With most card shops selling all sorts of Valentines day cards, including ones from your cat, you can't help wondering if things have got a bit too commercial. Well it's the same in Japan according to BBC News, since Valentines day is a day where women traditionally give chocolate to their significant others, and also to their bosses, as obligation demands. This isn't an ancient tradition, Giri choco was only started 40 years ago by the Japanese confectionary companies (who would have guessed?). Unsurprisingly 70% of Japanese women want this tradition to end, while Japanese men are happy to keep things the same. The confectionary companies are fair though as White Day a month later is when Japanese men have to buy white sweets for their loved ones.

Source: BBC News

Christmas Cake Made In Honour Of Tezuka's Black Jack

Date: 2005 December 3rd Saturday [8:08] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Anime

According to Akadot a hotel located in Takarazuka the place where the popular manga-ka Ozamu Tezuka (Black Jack) was born and raised, has made a christmas cake dedicated to Black Jack.

It costs 3300 Yen per cake and the hotel hopes to make a profit out of the popularity of the anime series Black Jack. "The cake is 15cm in diameter with ¾ covered in whipped cream and the rest with chocolate. The stitches on Black Jack's face have been recreated by chocolate as well."

Source: Akadot

Japanese wins Hot Dog Contest

Date: 2005 August 15th Monday [7:22] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Freaky Things

According to Japan Today, Takeru Kobayashi of Japan took home the title of the World Hot Dog Champion for the 5th time. Kobayashi known as the world speed eating champion gulped down 100 barbecued-pork buns in the Hong Kong contest Sunday, some of them without even chewing, beating the first-runner up by a long, long swallow.

The first runner-up, Johnny Wu, managed to swallow only 47 of the steamed buns filled with barbecued pork which is a popular delicacy of Hong Kong.

Source: Japan Today

Strawberry Milk Sausages Sales Set For Success

Date: 2005 August 7th Sunday [12:32] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

The popularity of fish-meat sausages is declining in Japan so seafood company Nissui, have been experimenting and according to the Mainichi Daily News Nissui have invented strawberry milk flavour fish-meat sausages. The strange taste combination was discovered after Nissui found that Japanese children's favourite fruit is strawberry. Apparently the after taste of strawberries remain. These strange fish sausages will be available in packs of 5 and from 1st September and will cost the same as regular fish-meat sausages.

Source: Mainichi Daily News

Ramen Theme Complexes

Date: 2005 February 16th Wednesday [15:15] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

Japan Today are running a rather interesting story about Ramen theme complexes which are groups of Ramen restaurants that band together in order to beat the intense competition of the restaurant industry.

Source: Japan Today

Win A Case Of Kirin Ichiban

Date: 2005 February 8th Tuesday [15:43] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

The Otaku News Crew have teamed up with the folks from Kirin to offer our UK readers the chance to win a case of Kirin Ichiban. That's right, free beer!

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Kirin Ichiban Now Prime Marketing Focus For Kirin Brand

Date: 2005 January 5th Wednesday [19:09] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Cuisine

Since all Otaku News readers are sophisticated and as a result eat and drink Japanese food and drink at every opportunity, we're certain that they'll be interested in some Japanese beer news for this year.

Kirin Ichiban is to become the prime focus of marketing, promotional and sales activity for the Kirin brand in the UK. In other words, the company in charge of Kirin in the UK would like you to make Kirin Ichiban your beverage of choice.

Read More... | Source: Kirin Ichiban

Japanese Researchers Produce Trout From Salmon

Date: 2004 August 5th Thursday [16:52] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

Researchers at a Japanese university have succeeded for the first time in producing trout from salmon, in a method that promises hope for protecting endangered species.

Associate Prof. Goro Yoshizaki and other researchers at Tokyo's University of Marine Sciences and Technology succeeded in the method by injecting primordal germ cells (PGCs), which can grow into either sperm or eggs, from a rainbow trout into the body of a male yamame (landlocked salmon).

Source: Mainichi Daily News

DNA Tests for Pork in Japan!

Date: 2004 May 29th Saturday [17:14] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Freaky Things

In Japan "kurobuta" - the English rare breed of Berkshire pigs are prized for their meat. The BBC are running a story about Sygen a company that breeds and sells these pigs for a Japanese market. Due to fraud, they've had to use DNA testing to prove the authenticity of the meat on the shelves.

Source: BBC News

Browsing Category: > Cuisine

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