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Browsing Category: > Gaming > Consoles

PSP Ghost In the Shell:SAC Game Details

Date: 2005 October 20th Thursday [15:40] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

UK fans of the Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex Series should be pleased to hear that a game based on the anime will be released on PSP this Friday. Atari have sent us the details. The game sounds really good, not only do you get to play as the main cast members, each with different abilities, but you also get to command Tachikoma, that is surely worth the price of the game alone! You even get to train and customize them (*hums Tachikoma themetune* ^_-).

Read More... | Source: Atari

Sony PlayStation Wins Emmy

Date: 2005 October 1st Saturday [10:49] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

When you think of Emmys you normally think of TV stars winning the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Awards. This year however the Sony PlayStation has been awarded an Emmy, for Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Advanced New Media. It should be noted that this award is for Sony's first computer games console, the original PlayStation due to it's pioneering work on 3D polygonal-based gaming experience.

Source: BBC News

Shonen Jump Superstars features in NoM UK

Date: 2005 September 22nd Thursday [9:36] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming

This months Nintendo: Official Magazine has an article on the DS fighter Jump Superstars! Superstars features a wide range of fan favourite characters from Shonen Jump magazine, and has frequently been described as a licensing nightmare. The article also goes on to talk about other recent games based on Jump titles.

Source: Nintendo: Official Magazine

Urusei Yatsura for Nintendo DS

Date: 2005 August 10th Wednesday [8:34] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Gaming

More anime based games for Nintendo DS. According to Rumic World the game will be based on Rumiko Takashi’s Urusei Yatsura. The release which is scheduled for October 20th will retail for 5,040 Yen and its official title will be: "Urusei Yatsura: Endless Summer". The game is designed by Marvelous also known for their hit Harvest Moon and XIII games.

Source: Rumic World

UK PSP Anime Movies

Date: 2005 July 19th Tuesday [17:44] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

UK gamers looking forward to the September release of the Sony PSP can also expect a blitz of UMD Movies for the handheld games console, anime titles that are going to be available so far include:

- Akira
- Ghost In The Shell
- Ghost In The Shell: On The Trail Of The Laughing Man
- Ghost In The Shell: Trouble At Home & Abroad
- La Blue Girl Returns
- Transformers The Movie

All of the above should be out on (or by) 5th September 2005 and will be priced around £10 - £15 depending on the title and the retailer.

Optimum Releasing will also be releasing Appleseed on DVD and UMD on 19th September.

It should be noted that PSP UMD Movies are region locked, so a UK PSP will only play Region 2 European and Japanese UMDs and not Region 1 US UMDs. Like DVDs UMDs can support multiple audio tracks and subtitles, so a single disc can ideally come with both the subbed and dubbed version of title.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

National Unified Otaku Proficiency Exam

Date: 2005 July 11th Monday [16:43] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Fandom

Who is the biggest otaku? Is your friend Steve a bigger otaku than you? If so why? Well publisher Biblos are going to solve this question finally by holding the first Japanese national unified otaku proficient exam in their August 5th Edition of Elfix Magazine.

They claim they want to nurture an "otaku elite to carry the otaku culture through the 21st century".

The Mainichi Daily News explain that the magazine will even grade their otaku awareness level if readers write their answers down on a postcard and send it to the Elfix staff. The best results will be printed in the October 5th edition of the magazine.

Read More... | Source: Mainichi Daily News

Bandai Releases Screenshots From Upcoming Inuyasha Game

Date: 2005 May 25th Wednesday [7:13] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Gaming

According to the Anime News Network, Bandai has released screenshots from the upcoming PS2 game: Inuyasha Feudal Combat.

Read More... | Source: Anime News Network

Akira Toriyama to Provide XBOX 360 Game Designs

Date: 2005 May 19th Thursday [12:42] | Posted By: Davie
Category: > Gaming

According to Gamespot, Microsoft has announced in Japan that Akira Toriyama, known for the Dragonball Saga, will once again team up with the Chrono Trigger Team to provide character designs for the upcoming Xbox 360 role playing-game Blue Dragon.

Read More... | Source: Game Spot

Nintendo Revolution New pictures

Date: 2005 May 17th Tuesday [12:00] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

There’s been a flood of new console news in the run up to this years E3, which starts Wednesday. According to USA today the Revolution is about the size of three DVD cases piled up and is set to have online features, including a free player match up service. Especially exciting is the news players will have access to Nintendo’s back catalogue online, from Donkey Kong to Mario Sunshine. The Revolution will also be backwards compatible with Game cube and play DVDs.

Read More... | Source: USA Today

The Beauty Of Final Fantasy

Date: 2005 May 12th Thursday [16:42] | Posted By: Ash
Category: > Gaming

The next stage in the Final Fantasy RPG series, XII, recently pushed back its release date from the Autumn of 2004 to an Autumn release of 2005, creating a sigh of disappointment and yet not much surprise, to millions of gamers waiting for the next instalment. This is the biggest RPG franchise in the world and for many gamers, has made the Playstation 1 and 2 the must-have consoles to have, simply because it has a monopoly of these games. Ash explores the history and the reasons behind their popularity, and looks forward to the new game.

Read More... | Source: Final Fantasy Shrine

Free DS Hotspots in Japan

Date: 2005 May 12th Thursday [14:06] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that 1000 new free WI-Fi hotspots are being set up in Japan for the Nintendo DS. These hotspots will be free to use, and will not require any additional software or hardware. Nintendo claims it has no intention of charging for online play but third party providers may do so.

Read More... | Source: Gamesindustry.biz

Geneon Release Anime On PSP

Date: 2005 May 9th Monday [18:29] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

Anime News Network are currently highlighting a story on Modojo.com about anime on Sony's PSP Handheld system, Geneon Entertainment plan to release Appleseed and Samurai Champloo on UMD on July 5 in North America. Appleseed will be priced at $19.95 only a few cents less than the DVD version, while Samurai Champloo will be $14.98, with the DVD version around $23. It should be noted that the UMD versions will not have the extras that the full DVD versions will have. For more details check a full report on Video Business Online

Source: Anime News Network

Xbox 360 Confirmed For This Year

Date: 2005 May 3rd Tuesday [12:13] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Bill Gates has announced at the business writers' convention in the USA that the new Microsoft multimedia console, currently known as the Xbox 360, will launch in America this year. More questions are expected to be answered on an MTV special airing on May 12th in Northern America and May 13th worldwide.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

Game Gear Goju

Date: 2005 April 3rd Sunday [15:13] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Following Azure and Wing's posting about April Fool pranks, TechJapan have discovered Sega had their own, a handheld games console with 50 screens - The Game Gear Goju!

Source: TechJapan

Sony PSP Released In US

Date: 2005 March 24th Thursday [18:48] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

US gamers can finally stop waiting, Sony's handheld games console the PSP (PlayStation Portable) is out now! Reviews so far seem very postive. The Register has a good overview of the system from a techincal standpoint. Gamespot has a wide coverage of the US launch too.

European gamers will have to wait at least a few months before the offical launch. BBC News have more details on this.

Source: BBC News

DS Breaks UK Sales Records With No PSP In Sight

Date: 2005 March 19th Saturday [16:26] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Nintendo's new handheld has broken console sales records in the UK selling almost 87,000 units with over 3 million being sold worldwide. Super Mario 64 DS, Wario Ware: Touched! and Rayman DS were the top three selling launch titles.

Read More... | Source: BBC News

Review: Shadow Hearts 2 - Covenant on PS2

Date: 2005 March 10th Thursday [18:12] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

We’ve got something a little bit special here at Otaku News, a review of the PS2 RPG Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant. The question is; is the game worth your hard earned cash (pounds, dollars, zenii or otherwise)? Read on to find out.

Read More... | Source: Otaku News

Dance Dance Mario! DDR for GameCube

Date: 2005 February 27th Sunday [5:14] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Following the success of bongo rhythm game "Donky Konga" it appears the Nintendo Super Star will now feature in a GameCube Edition of Dance Dance Revolution! No not a DDR clone but an actual Konami DDR game, which has been titled Dance Dance Revolution with Mario. No international plans have been revealed yet but for DDR fans without a PS2 this could be a chance for them to finally see some DDR action outside of arcades.

Source: Gamespot

Shadow Hearts 2 UK PS2 Release Details

Date: 2005 February 19th Saturday [8:55] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Midway have sent us the details for the UK PS2 release of Shadow Hearts 2. It's due out on 11th March and RPG fans will know that it's been developed by former SquareSoft employees.

Read More... | Source: Midway

Bandai and Atari Announce Release for GITS:SAC

Date: 2004 November 1st Monday [12:39] | Posted By: Spike
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

For all you Playstation 2 owners out there, Bandai and Atari have announced the EU release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The game follows a similar format to the television series of the same name allowing the player to play as Motoko Kusanagi, Bateau, or the Tachikoma combat robot working for the mysterious 'Section 9' anti-terrorist division.

Read More... | Source: GamesIndustry.biz

Geneon To Release Star Ocean EX

Date: 2004 October 29th Friday [12:48] | Posted By: Spike
Category: > Anime > DVD

A press release from Geneon Animation USA has announced the immenent release of Star Ocean EX on DVD. The series, based on a game for the Sony Playstation, follows Claude Kenni, a crewmember on the spaceship Calnus, who is transported to an unfamiliar alien world and attempts to unlock the secret of a mysterious sattelite, will be available from January 4th.

Read More... | Source: Geneon Animation

Nintendo Abandons Family Image for New Gameboy DS Adverts.

Date: 2004 October 24th Sunday [17:34] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Reuters are running a story about Nintendo's new American advertising campaign costing $40 million for it's largest product launch. The whole campaign is aimed at more "mature" audience with the tagline of "Touching is Good."

Print ads will appear in men's magazines Maxim and Blender, with a woman holding a DS saying "How to Score! ... Start listening to her needs, playa!".

TV ads are scheduled for ad slots in-between episodes of South Park too.

Source: Reuters

Nintendo May Produce Anime

Date: 2004 October 1st Friday [16:32] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

According to Animaxis, at a recent press conference former Nintendo chairman and current advisor Hiroshi Yamauchi revealed that he is urging Nintendo to expand into the anime industry.

Yamauchi plans to formally propose this during the October general management conference. Now there is speculation that Nintendo would produce their own anime in the near future.

Source: Animaxis

Sony announce PS two

Date: 2004 September 22nd Wednesday [18:08] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

The BBC and a few other websites are publishing articles about Sony's PlayStation 2 replacement the PS two, which was announced at the Tokyo Game Show. It seems just like when the original PlayStation was replaced with the PS one near the end of it's flagship life cycle, the PlayStation 2 will be replaced with the PS two. The PS two will have an ethernet port built in, it's also a lot smaller with the internal sized reduced by 75%, and it's 5cm thinner too!

The release date seems to be set for November (just in time for Christmas), it'll be priced around $149 in the North America, €149 in Europe and £99 in the UK.

Gaming Horizon have some nice pictures of the machine!

Source: BBC

Ghost In The Shell hits Cinema Screens, TV, DVD, comic shops and PS2

Date: 2004 September 11th Saturday [16:02] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Anime

We've just been sent a very interesting press release for the Ghost In The Shell franchise, it's well known that the movie Ghost In the Shell 2: Innocence it will be hitting US cinema screens on September 17th and that Manga Entertainment and Bandai Entertainment are jointly releasing the DVDs for Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex series. However what they also point out is that Standalone Complex will be aired on Cartoon Network's late-night Adult Swim from early November!

The press release also mentions that Dark Horse is republishing Shirow's Ghost in the Shell manga as Ghost in the Shell 2nd Edition, it features extra materials not published in previous US editions and will be printed in it's original Japanese size.

It also mentions the new PS2 game. So it looks like US anime fans will be able to get Ghost In the Shell in every single format they could want!

Read More... | Source: Go Fish Pictures

More Information On The Nintendo DS!

Date: 2004 August 11th Wednesday [14:09] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming

Nintendo have revealed yet more information on their new handheld console. They have confirmed that it will be known officially as the Nintendo DS.
The console has two screens, which are touch sensitive, has voice recognition technology, and supports multiplayer gaming. Nintendo of America
seem particularly confident listing developers who have committed to titles in the West.

Read More... | Source: Nintendo of America

Animal Crossing in the UK at last

Date: 2004 August 11th Wednesday [13:54] | Posted By: Azure
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Pester power does work albeit slowly, cult RPG hit Animal Crossing will arrive in the UK on September 24th! This version is rumoured to have unique features compared to its US counterpart (as it's unlikely that it will be online).

Read More... | Source: Nintendo Europe

Nintendo flatly denies takeover bid by Microsoft

Date: 2004 August 5th Thursday [17:11] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

According to Forbes.com Nintendo has flatly denied the possibility of its takeover by Microsoft.

The Register are also running an interesting article comparing the XBox 2 to Nintendo's next Gen Machine.

Source: Forbes.com

Playstation Hits 100 Million Mark

Date: 2004 May 24th Monday [22:17] | Posted By: Joe
Category: > Gaming > Consoles

Japanese electronics giant Sony has shipped its 100 millionth Playstation, the company has announced.

Read More... | Source: BBC News

Browsing Category: > Gaming > Consoles

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